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Jennie 2023-01-04 · AYANEO

Remarkable Achievements and A New Level - AYANEO 2 & GEEK Crowdfunding Ended Perfectly

  On January 3, 2023, the crowdfunding campaign of AYANEO 2 & GEEK project...

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ArthurZhang 2022-06-22 · AYANEO

AYANEO detailed explanation of all product lines in 2022

Recently, we have released a number of new products. Since some friends who h...

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AYANEO 2022-04-25 · AYANEO

AYANEO officially launched the ultra-light and thin handheld product line, which named it: AYANEO AIR.

  AIR, in the name of light thing, means thin and light, creating a precedent...

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ArthurZhang 2022-03-21 · AYANEO

Summary of AYANEO NEXT Advance

Hi friends, it's a pleasure to talk to you all about AYANEO NEXT, the most power...

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ArthurZhang 2022-03-21 · AYANEO

Arthur's AYANEO 2021 Crowdfunding Summary

Long time no see. Today is a special day. We just went through a week of working...

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ArthurZhang 2022-01-12 · AYANEO

The docking station begins to ship

Friends, we announced to you in the previous announcement that the first AYANEO...

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ArthurZhang 2022-01-05 · AYANEO

Why we are developing AYANEO NEXT

After the announcement of AYANEO NEXT, we have been preparing for the launch on...

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ArthurZhang 2021-12-21 · AYANEO

Successful trial production of Super Power Docking Station

Hey, I believe you have been waiting for this news for a long time. Yes, we got...

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AYANEO 2021-12-06 · AYANEO

AYANEO 2021 has been shipped!

If the crowdfunding activities of AYANEO handhelds are described as mountaineeri...

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AYANEO 2022-02-24 · AYANEO

AYANEO NEXT Indiegogo crowdfunding officially started!

AYANEO NEXT Indiegogo crowdfunding officially started!In anticipation of global...

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