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Top Go Further, Reach the Top Again - AYANEO 2S & GEEK 1S with Latest AMD 7840U Processor
Top AYANEO NEXT Indiegogo crowdfunding officially started!
Jennie 10 an hour ago

The show begins! AYANEO Appears at TGS 2023

On September 21, TGS 2023, one of the world's top three game shows, officially k...

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Jennie 2023-09-12

AYANEO will Showcase Rich Product Lineup at the TGS 2023

The 2023 Tokyo Game Show (TGS), one of the world's three major gaming expos, wil...

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Jennie 2023-09-06

Retro Classic Android Handheld AYANEO Pocket AIR Officially Launches on Indiegogo Crowdfunding

On September 6th, AYANEO's first Android handheld, AYANEO Pocket AIR, officially...

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Jennie 2023-09-05

Ultra Powerful 8.4" Screen 7840U Handheld AYANEO KUN Indiegogo Crowdfunding Officially Launches

On September 5, 2023, the top-tier flagship large-screen AMD 7840U handheld, AYA...

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Jennie 2023-09-01
Jennie 2023-08-30

In the Name of KUN, Unleash Super Performance — AYANEO New Release

On August 29th, AYANEO officially released the new high-end large-screen 7840U h...

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Jennie 2023-08-24

AYANEO Teams Up with GuliKit to Showcase at Gamescom 2023

On August 23rd, the highly anticipated Gamescom 2023 officially kicked off. Glob...

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Lynn 2023-08-23
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