AYANEO Privacy Policy


Hello, users of AYANEO! In this Privacy Policy, we explain what personal information AYANEO.com or AYA Space collects and how it is collected, stored, used and protected. We will also inform you of your rights in relation to your personal information. As with the User Agreement, we will provide a full version of the Privacy Policy and a non-legally binding summary version for your convenience. If you have any questions, please contact us through privacy@AYANEO.COM . Let's start...


1. Who we are

We are AYANEO, our company is located in Hong Kong, China (we will hereinafter call ourselves "AYANEO"), you can contact us by email privacy@AYANEO.COM or send a letter to: ANYUN INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY (HONG KONG) CO., LTD



2. The content of this privacy policy

2.1 This Privacy Policy applies to www.ayaneo.com, your AYAid User Account, AYA Space (including the AYA Space App), all games, videos, or other content that you purchase, log in to, or use through the products and services associated with AYANEO, AYANEO web forums, AYANEO Client Server and technical support, and all other services that we provide to you (we refer to all of the above as "AYANEO Services").

This Privacy Policy explains the different types of information we collect from you when you use AYANEO Services or view our profiles on social networking sites. We and our partners will comply with relevant privacy laws.

2.2 Specifically, this Privacy Policy covers the personal and non-personal information we collect from you when you use the AYANEO Services. Personal Information "means information that can be used alone or in combination with other information to determine your identity, especially referential identifiers such as name, identification number, location information or online identifiers.)

2.3 We respect your right to privacy and ensure that personal information is processed in accordance with relevant laws, including the European Union, the United States (including the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), and all other countries or regions.

2.4 AYANEO will work with trusted partners to launch platforms, developers and publishers, payment service providers, Client Server software vendors, and other partners ("Partners"). This is explained later in this Agreement.

2.5 AYANEO is the data owner under the protection of the European Union data protection law with respect to the personal information included in this Privacy Policy used by AYANEO.


\3. Child protection

3.1 We are aware that we have an obligation to protect personal information obtained from children. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 16. If for any reason we decide to collect personal information from a child between the ages of 13 and 16, we will request the consent of their parent or guardian. If you are a parent or guardian and have any questions about the transmission of your child's personal information, please contact privacy@AYANEO.COM .


\4. What information do we collect?

4.1 When you register for our AYANEO Account, you may need to provide us with: (a) your username; (b) your email address; and (c) a password (this password is encrypted so we cannot know it). We must obtain this information in order to provide you with the account you have requested. In your AYANEO account settings, you can also set your date of birth, profile photo, and your geographic location. This information is protected by your AYANEO account password. It is your responsibility to keep this password secure, please do not tell others about it.

When registering for an AYANEO account, we ask you for and collect some basic personal information, including your username and email. We need this information to provide your AYANEO account. Please ensure that your AYANEO account password is not compromised.

4.2 When you use AYANEO Services, we may also collect the following information (how we use this information is explained in subsequent sections of this document):

We may also collect additional information when you use other AYANEO services (see left).

4.3 AYA Space. If you use AYA Space (including the AYA Space app), we collect technical logs, information about your in-game achievements, and your game duration; your multiplayer activities and basic data about your activities on the AYA Space client side and other platforms connected to your AYANEO account. If you choose to connect your account from another platform to the AYA Space application, depending on the functions supported by this connection, AYANEO will obtain your personal or non-personal information, such as your account name and ID, profile photo, game list, game duration, game achievements, friend list (user name, ID, profile photo) and their status, chat and communication history, etc. We do not store your account login credentials.

When you use AYA Space, AYANEO will collect your personal and non-personal activity information (see left). This is done to ensure the operation of AYA Space and provide you with cool features.


5 How we collect information about you

5.1 We may collect and process information about you (including directly or through our partners mentioned above) in the following ways: (a) Information you provide to us through the AYANEO Service; (b) When you contact us or report an issue with the AYANEO Service; and (c) Through our support, allow third-party platforms to sell information that has been directly available on AYANEO. (D) We may also invite you to participate in questionnaires to help us conduct research, but these questionnaires are not mandatory. We may collect this information through the AYANEO Services or through trusted third parties with whom we work for optional activities such as surveys or voting.

5.2 Facebook Connect. When you register for the AYANEO service through Facebook Connect (of course, this is not mandatory), Facebook will provide us with your specific information, such as your Facebook ID, profile photo, email, gender, location, and friend list. Data is collected strictly in accordance with social networking terms, so please check your privacy settings on Facebook.

5.3 AYANEO Connect. When you use our cool optional feature AYANEO Connect, we get limited information from your Steam account. Further details are provided in section 10.3 below.

We collect information through AYANEO, or through third parties when conducting optional activities such as questionnaires, AYANEO Connect, or authorized services such as Facebook Connect.



We also collect information about you through cookies. You can find more information in our Cookie Policy. You can also manage your consent in our Cookie Statement, which can be found on our website AYANEO. This statement is found in a footnote to the COM Cookie Policy. The Cookie Policy and Cookie Statement are part of this Privacy Policy.


7 Why we use your data (legal basis for data processing)

7.1 We process information about you in order to provide you with the AYANEO Services that you use (that is, in order to fulfill the agreement between us), to enable you to use the functions of the AYA Space App, to fulfill our legal obligations (for example, tax payment, accounting, etc.), or to achieve what AYANEO calls "legal interests", or other reasons described in the "How we use your data" section. To clarify, we refer to legitimate interests as reasonably expected legitimate purposes (such as notifying you of games we distribute and ensuring that our marketing is relevant to you, protecting the security of our websites and systems, and performing anti-cheat analysis and anti-fraud checks). When we rely on legitimate interests, we consider and balance any potential impact on you and your rights. For other purposes, we will request your consent, and you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without affecting the validity of the processing before you withdraw your consent.

Essentially, we process your data in order to provide you with the AYANEO Service, to fulfill our legal obligations, and for other important reasons, such as notifying you of new games and ensuring the security of our website. In other cases, we will request your consent in advance, and you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

7.2 When we transfer your data outside the European Economic Area, as described in "Trusted Partners", we act based on a series of legal mechanisms.


\8. How we handle your information

8.1 All information you provide to us is stored on secure servers of our or trusted partner services. We will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized or unlawful disposal, accidental loss, damage or damage.

All information you provide to us is stored on a secure server at our or a trusted partner service.

8.2 How long do we keep your data? We retain your data for the purposes set out in the Cost Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law (e.g. for tax, accounting or other legal requirements). We will delete or anonymize your personal information when we have no ongoing legitimate business to process it. In particular:

\9. How we use your information

9.1 We will use the above information in the following ways:

We use your information to operate AYANEO and to continuously improve and communicate with you (e.g. via newsletter or email). Sometimes we may share anonymous, non-personal information, such as operating system type, etc., to operate AYANEO services.


9.2. When we personalize or target marketing communications, offers and advertising, we may use your personal information to build a profile. However, we will not use your personal information for profiling that constitutes an automatic decision that will affect your legal situation. If you decide that you no longer want to receive our personalized offers and product recommendations, or do not want to receive any more advertisements, you can object at any time. You can also choose whether to receive our marketing communications, including personalized and targeted marketing emails, by managing your subscriptions on the AYANEO Account page, or by clicking the "Unsubscribe" button in the marketing email, or by contacting us directly here.

9.3 Non-personal data . We may cooperate with third-party partners who provide AYANEO Services to you (for example, share with AYANEO. The game developer or publisher, or payment service provider that sells the game on COM, together processes some aggregated general non-personal user behavior data (such as sales volume per region, number of technical support service orders) for the purpose of supporting, improving or modifying AYANEO's services, or helping third-party partners improve the products you purchase. We may also share non-personal information with data analytics providers to help us operate AYANEO.COM. Don't be afraid, as mentioned above, everything is anonymous, so you will not be identified.


\10. Data sharing

Other users

10.1 Some elements of your personal information and some information related to your use of AYANEO Services are publicly available to other AYANEO users. For example, other users of the AYANEO service can see your username and profile photo (if you set profile photo). We may also display other information derived from your activities in the AYANEO Service. By doing so, we help AYANEO users find players with similar tastes and assist in the establishment of AYANEO player community. You can manage the privacy settings of your AYANEO user profile in your AYANEO account.

Some information about you in AYANEO. COM is visible as part of your public AYANEO user profile and can be managed through the privacy settings of your AYANEO account.

10.2. Under normal circumstances, we will not disclose your information to third parties without your consent. We may only share your data with the following categories of third parties we engage to help provide our services and features to you (they are formally referred to as "data processors"):

In general, we will not share your personal information with third parties. However, there will be exceptions for our trusted partners, who are the companies that assist us in our work. They often assist us in data analytics, payment processing, providing internal tools, or carrying out a series of marketing activities.


10.3 During the payment process, we may share information about you with the following categories of third-party partners, who process this information independently as so-called data controllers:

When required by law, we may also give your data to the police or other government authorities (including your Internet Protocol Address and details of suspected illegal or fraudulent activities, such as unauthorized use of payment methods and security risk scores).

10.4 Your information may be processed, stored and transmitted outside your country of residence and outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, such as the United States, Canada or Brazil. Privacy laws in these countries may not be as strong as those in your country or countries within the European Economic Area. However, when we share your personal information in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, we will transfer your data based on EU standard contractual terms and legal measures, so that your personal information is protected to the same extent.


\11. Third-party information collection and external services

11.1 AYANEO Services may from time to time contain links to or from third party websites or services (such as links to AYANEO. Developers who sell games on COM). In addition, third parties (such as game developers/publishers) may also collect information (such as your email or name) that can be used to identify you when you use additional game services, but they will notify you in advance and obtain your consent before collecting any such information. This may include saving information related to their game (such as saving game progress) to your AYANEO account. Our privacy policy does not cover these external websites or companies, please refer to their privacy policies. This also applies to the AYANEO application community association.

You might be in ayaneo. COM encounters links outside our website. Sometimes we may need to direct you somewhere else (the developer site) so that you can get other features in your game. These websites may collect your information in accordance with their respective privacy policies.

11.2 The AYANEO Services may also provide you with simple and non-mandatory services from AYANEO certified partners. In order to provide this service, we need to share your personal information (such as your email address) with you, provided you agree. These shared personal information will be regulated by our partners' privacy policies

You can use the AYANEO service to access premium content provided by AYANEO certified partners. We need to share some personal information with them (this is up to you). You can decide for yourself whether you want to use your AYANEO account for this function


12. Other matters

12.1 Please be aware that we are governed by a variety of laws and that we may disclose Personal Information in response to requests from law enforcement or other legal authorities under prescribed circumstances.

We may comply with the requirements of law enforcement agencies as required.

12.2 In the event of a small probability event such as reorganization or merger of AYANEO or AYANEO accounts, we may transfer personally identifiable information to relevant third parties, who will protect it at least at the same level as we enforce in this Privacy Policy.

The protection of your personal information will not change regardless of any reorganization or acquisition of the company. Please don't worry!

13 Your rights

13.1 You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal information for specific purposes such as marketing. You can contact us here or change the email settings of your AYANEO account, and the email communications AYANEO sends you also include the option to not participate/unsubscribe.

Please know your rights! Including the right to know how your personal information is used, the right to access the data itself, the right to change it, the right to transfer it, the right to restrict how we use it, or the right to delete it all, as long as you use privacy@AYANEO.COM to contact us.

13.2 Depending on where you live, you may have additional privacy rights. For example, under EU law, you have the following additional rights:

You can contact us, for example by emailing privacy@AYANEO.COM .

13.3 If you have any questions about your privacy, please contact us first. However, if you think we have not solved your problem, you can report it to your local data protection department.

14. Changes to this Privacy Policy

14.1 We may change this Privacy Policy if necessary for legal reasons or to accommodate changes in the AYANEO Services. In no case shall the terms of the Policy change interfere with your rights. If changes are made, we will post the changed Privacy Policy online and inform you of the changes. We will also update the date of "Recent Update".

We can make changes to our privacy policy, but we will post the changes online after each modification. If you have any questions about the changes, please contact us.

15. User Agreement

15.1 We would also like to remind you that our User Agreement contains more details about how we operate the AYANEO Services and that certain parts of it also apply to this Privacy Policy. You can read our User Agreement in the User Agreement.

This is to remind you not to forget to consult our User Agreement.

Last Updated: 30 Nov 2021