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AYANEO 2021 has been shipped!

If the crowdfunding activities of AYANEO handhelds are described as mountaineering, then we should be in a key position halfway up the mountain today. I want to announce to all supporters a major moment that belongs to us:​

We have overcome various setbacks and difficulties, and all the AYANEO 2021 crowdfunded by IGG successfully shipped them all!​

Because the production schedule of the button and the running-in time with the factory exceeded our plan, the production speed did not progress as expected. Sorry to all the supporters. We have delayed the progress of receiving the goods. Although we have been delayed in the process of climbing the peak, we have gained the understanding and support of most of our friends. We sincerely thank you.​

Regarding the production and delivery schedule of AYANEO 2021 Pro, the current plan is as follows:​

  • AYANEO 2021 Pro will enter the production process on October 8th after China’s National Day holiday.


  • According to experience, it is estimated that it will take 10 days to prepare the first batch of processing, button production, and assembly processing.​


  • If the progress goes well, we will start shipping on October 20th (please note: it may be adjusted according to the production speed), and it is expected that the shipping time will last for half a month.​


  • After the first batch of production assembly is completed, the subsequent production speed will accelerate.


  • Based on the experience of AYANEO 2021, in order to ensure that we bring good products to everyone, this time AYANEO 2021 Pro we will strengthen the QC process, which will take a little longer.​

  • After preparing the first batch of AYANEO 2021 Pro buttons, we will start producing the buttons needed for Retro Power, and start the overall production preparation of Retro Power. It is expected that Retro Power will be shipped at the end of October.​

Due to the postponement of the delivery time, for all crowdfunders of AYANEO 2021 Pro, we will provide a $65 AYANEO official store (http://store.ayaneo.com) voucher as an apology.​

For supporters who purchased Retro Power before October 1, we will give away a free Retro Power theme storage bag, which is exclusively designed for AYANEO with exclusive molds, which are both beautiful and practical.​


【About the order of AYANEO official mall】​

The white version of the AYANEO 2021 order in the AYANEO official store (http://store.ayaneo.com) has been produced, and the product has been delivered to the freight company, which can be shipped after the National Day holiday in China. The black version needs to be issued about 3 days after the end of the National Day holiday.

AYANEO 2021 Pro uses a different factory from AYANEO 2021, so the production schedule of the two will not conflict or interfere.

The AYANEO 2021 Pro order from the AYANEO official store (http://store.ayaneo.com) has also been scheduled for production. It will be issued after the IGG order is completed and is expected to be issued at the end of October. Buyers of the mall can also get a $65 voucher, and buyers of Retro Power can also get an exclusive storage bag for free.



1. The voucher will be issued by the staff within October, and we will issue an announcement after it is issued, so don’t worry.

2. The expansion dock has now entered the T1 testing phase of the mold. After the holiday, we will get the latest samples. It is expected to enter the production process in October. If there is time to ship with AYANEO 2021 Pro, we will ship them at the same time.

 The docking station supported by AYANEO 2021 users will be issued separately after the docking station is produced.

3. Since the surface technology adopted by AYANEO 2021 is different from AYANEO's past versions, the grip cannot be used on AYANEO 2021 and cannot be stuck, so we cannot ship the grip. We will provide refunds or issue vouchers to users who have purchased the grips. In October, we will release a survey form for everyone to choose from.

Before that, please don’t contact customer service because of the grip for the time being. Please wait for our announcement.

4. Friends who have received AYANEO 2021, if you encounter any quality problems, please contact our after-sales service email: service@ayadevice.com , we will provide you with thoughtful and comprehensive services.

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