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Summary of AYANEO NEXT Advance

Hi friends, it's a pleasure to talk to you all about AYANEO NEXT, the most powerful product on the Windows handheld market right now, with several first-of-its-kind features.


I think many of my friends are already familiar with it. It has a unique and beautiful appearance, and it has raised the banner of beauty in Windows handhelds, allowing everyone to feel the power of design in niche products.



In addition to the appearance, AYANEO NEXT also exclusively brings you the AMD 5825U, which is a new product that AMD just released at CES 2022, bringing great power to game lovers.


The precise Hall joystick and trigger, as well as the button/control feeling carefully tuned by the AYANEO team can also help you get a smooth experience in the game world, without worrying about the joystick drifting and the buttons failing to perform nirvana in fighting games.


In addition to these, AYANEO NEXT also has unique functions such as touch-to-wake fingerprint module, WIFI 6E wireless network card, etc. on Windows handhelds.


AYANEO 2021 has achieved a sales volume of nearly 10,000 units in 2021. It has been unanimously recognized by players around the world. In the two years of AYANEO 2021 R&D, production and sales, we have also accumulated a lot of experience and user feedback. , and eventually developed those opinions and ideas into AYANEO NEXT.



In order to satisfy those adventurous early adopters, we released the AYANEO NEXT Advance in January, which uses an AMD 5800U + 16G + 2T configuration and is currently the most impressive Windows handheld you can see on the market.


We also provided each user with an exclusive custom signature to witness their journey into the future with AYANEO NEXT.


More than 200 units of AYANEO NEXT Advance were sold out. They were lucky to enjoy AYANEO NEXT in advance. We also sent a few prototypes to the media. We were very happy to see that both professional media and ordinary users, after receiving AYANEO NEXT Advance , gave it a very high rating.

Linus' unboxing video:


GBATEMP's review article:


THE VERGE's review article:


Video review by Taki Udon:


TheRelaxingEnd's video review:


Video review of ETA PRIME:


These articles and videos describe AYANEO NEXT Advance in great detail, and even compared it to Steam Deck, with great reviews.



The release of AYANEO NEXT Advance has received a lot of user feedback. We are very pleased to see that the majority of users and media have put forward a lot of optimization suggestions after experiencing AYANEO NEXT Advance.


We also found some problems during this process. After nearly 2 months of summary and optimization, we will report some recent work summaries to you today.



【Hall joystick problem】


The first batch of joysticks had a problem that part of the stroke would be lost after pressing the L3 and R3 buttons. This problem was caused by the algorithm of the joystick firmware. After the bug was reproduced, the developers immediately repaired the firmware. This issue has now been resolved.



The received AYANEO NEXT Advance needs to replace the joystick to solve this problem. For users in China, we will issue an announcement later to let users send back and replace the joystick.

For overseas users, we will send an upgrade package in the near future, including the replacement joystick. We will shoot a video of the joystick replacement, and users can replace it by themselves.

If you belong to the last batch of AYANEO NEXT Advance users (about 30 units) that have not yet received the goods, please don't worry, we have replaced the new joysticks for you. These handhelds have been delivered to the shipping company and are waiting to be shipped .



【The problem of the travel of the left trigger button】


The sensitivity of the pressing force of the left trigger is not as good as that of the right trigger.

This is because the factory controller firmware is not optimized, we released a brand new controller firmware to fix this problem.



Go to the AYANEO official website to download the AN109 version of the controller driver for AYANEO NEXT. After the upgrade, you can get a complete and responsive trigger experience.



【Trigger key failure】


Some users reported that the trigger button suddenly failed during use, and there was no response to pressing.

After investigation, this is because the spring supplier for the trigger provided a spring that did not match the sample, resulting in damage to the spring. The company has asked the supplier to provide a spring that meets the requirements.



The AYANEO NEXT Advance that has been received needs to replace the spring to solve this problem. For users in China, we will issue an announcement later to let users send back and replace the spring.

For overseas users, we will send out the upgrade package in the near future, including the replacement spring, we will shoot the spring replacement video, and the user can replace it by himself.



【Back cover fades】


A small number of users reported that the back cover of AYANEO NEXT Advance may have a certain chance of fading after use.

After investigation, this is a trace of normal use, which may be related to the user's usage habits and environment.



We are giving all AYANEO NEXT Advance users a brand new silver back cover for free as a replacement.

However, due to different batches of production, the color of the back cover and the front cover will be different.

For users in China, we will send back the back cover after replacing the joystick and spring for the user.

For overseas users, we will send an upgrade package in the near future, and the back cover will be included in it.


In addition, all AYANEO NEXT Advance users will receive a free Titan storage bag and screen protector as a gift.



For official NEXT & NEXT Pro users, we've fixed a lot of issues recently, so when you receive NEXT in the future, you won't have those issues.


For the brand of AYANEO, continuous optimization of products and participation of players in the evolution of our products are the driving force of our brand.


Thank you for your support, AYANEO NEXT is the best Windows handheld now, I believe everyone will be satisfied with it.



After a week of working from home in Shenzhen, many schedules were delayed and delivery times were affected. Next, we will focus on the preparation and production of NEXT, hoping to let everyone receive the most powerful AYANEO NEXT as soon as possible.


I'm Arthur Zhang, CEO of AYANEO, if you've ever participated in AYANEO 2021 crowdfunding, I think you'll know me well. If you are a friend of AYANEO for the first time, please allow me to make a brief self-introduction. Like you, I am also an avid handheld enthusiast. After becoming the CEO of AYANEO, my dream was to design the world's best Windows handheld for handheld enthusiasts. With the release of AYANEO 2021, we have a huge fan base all over the world, and I will bring you more surprises in the future.


My Twitter:


AYANEO Website:




Arthur Zhang


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