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AYANEO Game Control Experience - Into The Era of Windows Handheld Hall Sensing Joystick


I believe that joysticks are not new to gamers. After all, it is already a standard configuration of modern handhelds and game controllers. Speaking of the origin of joystick, it is actually very early, but in fact it did not gradually become mainstream control way until the early 21st century.


The history of analog sticks dates back to the 1970s, but very few game consoles are equipped with them. In the 1980s, there was no such thing as a joystick, because in that thriving and prosperous era of GameBoy, the cross button was the best way to operate 2D games.

Time came to the 1990s, the game console master Nintendo released the N64, the first to use the analog joystick as a standard controller, and introduced a very important innovation for the control of the game console. By 1998, the handles of home game consoles and handheld consoles were basically equipped with joysticks.

Later, the greatly improved PS2 led to the rapid rise of 3D games. The addition of joysticks greatly improved the accuracy of 3D character movement, and the DualShock controller designed with dual joysticks assigned the operation of moving the camera to the right joystick. . With the popularity of games such as "Final Fantasy", "Dragon Quest", "The Legend of Zelda", "Halo: Combat Evolved" and other games, using the right joystick to move the perspective in FPS games has become a conventional operation method.


With the development of the game today, the function of the right joystick is no longer single (because the left joystick is usually used as the direction of movement), and more challenging and interesting game operations have been developed. Compared with the keyboard, the advantage of the joystick is that it can perform operations with a wider range and higher frequency. This advantage is especially obvious in fighting games. But in fact, even games such as racing and ball games are developing new operations specifically for joystick. For example, in the NBA 2K series of games, by pressing the right joystick in different ways and combining it with the left joystick, thereby performing advanced operations such as fancy dribbling and shooting.

Although the joystick has brought a lot of convenience and fun to the players, there has been a relatively fatal problem for a long time-service life, which is mainly reflected in the joystick drift.


The so-called joystick drift is when the player does not control the joystick to output commands, or even does not touch the joystick at all, the joystick control action appears on the handheld, such as the game character suddenly walks by itself, or the perspective starts to cut randomly . Joystick drift will have a very significant negative impact on the player's operation in the game. Most games are basically impossible to play normally, and it often makes players have the urge to "drop the handle".


As for why the joystick drifts, the main reason is that most of the current joysticks use a carbon film potentiometer structure. In addition, the joystick is used frequently and has a large degree of activity during the game. The algorithm requires high-precision recognition in order to In the process of playing, you can get more accurate feedback, and the handheld device and the handle are small in size and the internal structure is relatively compact. Therefore, after a long period of use, the internal device contact points and carbon film are easily subject to irreversible wear, resulting in rocker sticks. Drift, failure and other issues.

In addition, due to the relatively high precision of the internal structure of the handle, during the long-term use of the rocker, the dust generated by the wear of the contact points and the dust in the use environment may adhere to carbon film, resulting in changes in the resistance value of the resistive film, so that the rocker misalignment of the bar controls the center of gravity, which can also exacerbate drifting problems.


The problem of joystick drift can be said to be a "nightmare" existence in the game console and handheld industry. It is not surprising that the big three are complained about by players because of handling problems. However, from a technical point of view, as long as the trigger structure remains unchanged, this problem can not be solved.

The problem that can not be solved temporarily on the hardware, but there is a way to alleviate it on the software, which is the "joystick dead zone". The dead zone will define a range for the movement of the joystick. The joystick moving within the dead zone will be regarded as a centered non-moving state by default and will not have any effect. Therefore, setting a suitable dead zone through the software will allow you to ignore stick position deviation and drift.

But this method is still a palliative, not a permanent solution, because although the dead zone can limit the occurrence of drift, in fact, the lower the dead zone, the more sufficient operating space will be available; and the larger the dead zone, the more accurate the joystick will be It can be said to be a disaster for games that require high-precision operation.

The development of any technology requires a brave first step, and the brand that took the first step to solve the problem of joystick drift is called GuliKit Technology. At the E3 exhibition in 2021, Gulikit Technology demonstrated the "Hall Sensing Joystick" that brought major innovations and was independently developed.



"Hall Sensing Joystick" is a new structure completely self-developed and patented by GuliKit Technology. It has undergone three major changes and after the first development of a large joystick, it continued to study power consumption issues, and finally developed an ultra-low power consumption Hall patented technology which is the exclusive technology in the world so far.



The innovative products of GuliKit Technology naturally attracted a lot of attention. As a Windows handheld brand dedicated to creating the most perfect handheld, AYANEO, which is determined to forge ahead and constantly innovate, coincides with the product concept of GuliKit Technology, which has always insisted on self-development and innovation. The two sides hit it off and reached a strategic partnership. Cooperate to create the Master all-round gamepad, bring players a leapfrog improvement in Windows game console, game control experience, and open a new era of handheld control.



Just like Nintendo introduced joysticks for handhelds, AYANEO took the lead in exploring the future with AYANEO NEXT equipped with brand-new Hall sensing joysticks. This is the first time in the industry introducing Hall sensing joysticks on Windows handhelds. A major innovation in technology that will always be remembered.




The difference between the structure of the "Hall sensing joystick" and the traditional carbon film potentiometer is that it uses permanent magnet materials and electromagnetic linear Hall devices to make the positioning more accurate. The internal sensor and the magnetic shaft are completely suspended. The Hall sensor is no contact point when moving, avoiding the drift problem caused by carbon film wear, and greatly extending the service life. In addition, the "Hall sensing joystick" has higher precision than the carbon film structure joystick, eliminating the voltage jitter when the carbon film structure moves; using a patented micro-power consumption circuit, the power consumption is only 50% of the original carbon film structure joystick, and more power saving, the handle lasts longer.

Compared with the traditional physical contact joystick, the Hall sensing joystick used in AYANEO NEXT and subsequent handheld products can achieve an ultra-long life of 5 million times, and realize 100% no dead zone in the center and outer ring of the joystick. Bring players a high-precision control experience. In fact, the life of the Hall sensing joystick in the internal test exceeds 10 million cycles, and the maximum reaches 14 million cycles, and the function remains normal.



On the subsequent AYANEO AIR, although it was an ultra-thin handheld with limited overall size, it could not accommodate the large Hall sensing joystick, but AYANEO did not give up the ideal of extreme joystick control for the ultra-thin handheld, so collaborating with GuliKit after a long period of technological research, the Hall sensing mini joystick was finally brought to the AIR series. This is also the first time that the Hall sensing mini joystick is equipped on a Windows handheld.



In the past, Hall sensing mini joysticks were mainly used on Nintendo Switch, but because of the traditional carbon film structure, the lifespan is shorter, and drift problems are commonplace. The Hall sensing mini joystick of AYANEO AIR / AIR Pro has achieved a smaller size while perfectly inheriting the advantages of the hall joystick, eliminating drift, and realizing 100% no dead zone in the inner and outer rings, which can be used in FPS games and easier to press the gun. It can also achieve higher precision control in other games. The new control experience brought by AYANEO NEXT equipped with Hall joystick and AYANEO AIR equipped with Hall sensing mini joystick has been praised by many players. AYANEO hopes to further push the handheld joystick control experience to the extreme and completely revolutionize Windows handheld control experience.



The AYANEO team equipped the AYANEO 2 handheld with a powerful flagship, and a completely different handheld, with a large Hall joystick, and carried out a deeper level of comprehensive tuning. The data will not lie. The Hall big joystick carried by AYANEO 2 has obvious advantages compared with professional joysticks and gamepad joysticks in tests such as back-to-alignment tests, center dead zone tests, and tangent circle tests on the performance of the joysticks.




With the support of big Hall joystick, the powerful performance of AMD 6800U chip and AYANEO 2 with many future technologies, it brings players the double pleasure of smooth game performance and smooth control, and it lives up to the name of the dream machine.



AYANEO AIR Plus, which is also part of the AIR series, also uses the Hall sensing mini joystick, which uses precise algorithms to eliminate magnetic field interference, and is fully ahead of competitors in various joystick tests, bringing no drift, no dead zone, and high-precision leapfrogging game control experience.



When AYANEO introduced the Hall joystick, the "Hall trigger" appeared on the AYANEO handheld as its good partner. The "Hall Trigger" is also driven by electromagnetic induction technology, which not only has a better stroke of the button force, but also has a better feel. Every time the trigger button is pressed, it brings accurate feedback at the millimeter level. The Hall trigger, like the Hall joystick, has made rapid progress in service life, with a service life of 5 million times, which is 5 times longer than that of traditional conductive rubber buttons.



The Hall joystick and Hall trigger form the "Hall Brothers", which solves the thorny problems of short key travel, insensitive feedback, and drift that existed in the control of Windows handhelds in the past, making handheld control even more powerful. Players can enjoy an unprecedented smooth control experience on the AYANEO handheld.



Based on the advantages of no dead zone, no drift, and high-precision hardware, the AYANEO team has made a lot of optimizations in the software to give full play to the advantages of the Hall joystick and Hall trigger. Players can fine-tune the joystick sensitivity and trigger sensitivity in the AYASpace handheld management software. AYANEO meets the individualized control needs of different players on the basis of ensuring the best game control experience in terms of hardware.



AYASpace also added the dead zone setting of the joystick. This is because the game platform and special games will record the joystick control, automatically save the previous joystick parameter settings in the game, and then automatically synchronize to the AYANEO handheld, so that there will be drifting accidentally. Condition. When this happens, players can use the joystick/button correction function to correct the offset joystick.

Through the coordinated optimization of software and hardware, the AYANEO handheld not only achieves a smooth and precise control experience, but also allows different players to freely customize their own control settings, which is a natural advantage that other handhelds do not have. In the field of Windows handheld control technology, AYANEO has always been in a leading position.


Big Hall joystick


Hall sensing mini joystick


Watching advertisements depends more on the curative effect. After adopting the Hall joystick, the gaming experience of AYANEO handheld has been really improved. In FPS games such as "Battlefield 5", whether it is moving while opening the scope or pressing the gun, a set of operations is smooth and smooth, and the response speed is very fast. Even on an ever-changing battlefield, you can firmly hold victory in your own hands.



In sports games such as "NBA 2K23", the high-precision Hall rocker can make the input instructions more accurate, and the player's acceleration or deceleration to stop the ball is more controlled, and there is no need to worry about players running around due to drift problems. , the dribbling and shooting actions that can only be realized through the combination of joysticks are also easier to trigger accurately, and easily conquer opponents on the field.


Big Hall joystick


Hall sensing mini joystick


For racing games like "Forza Horizon 5", the experience is even more qualitative. With the help of the Hall joystick, the more subtle movement of the joystick can get feedback in the game, and the control of the car is more arbitrary. Regular operations such as steering, cornering, drifting, acceleration and deceleration, and braking will let the player feel what is right on the AYANEO handheld.



The AYANEO product development team, which has a deep understanding of game control, has been seeking more innovations and breakthroughs in handheld joysticks. Therefore, it has carried out in-depth research and development with its partner, GuliKit Technology, and jointly brought Hall joysticks to Windows handhelds. . From the Hall joystick to the small Hall joystick, according to different product definitions, AYANEO has always been exploring the ultimate form of the evolution of handheld joystick, completely solving the disadvantages of the joystick, allowing players to enjoy the endless joy brought by the super-class joystick.



Just like the joystick was introduced into the handheld controller back then, the Hall joystick on the AYANEO handheld has brought an epoch-making leapfrog improvement to the joystick control of the handheld, and it is another milestone in the development of the Windows handheld industry. Innovation is not limited to joysticks. The AYANEO team, composed of real players who love games and handhelds, will invest more resources in independent research and development, inject a steady stream of innovation power into the Windows handheld industry, and explore more unknown aspects of handhelds. Possibilities, launch more innovative handheld products, and constantly innovate players' gaming experience.



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