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AMD driver version 23.2.1 upgrade instructions

Dear players, after testing and player feedback, this AMD driver version 23.2.1 update has a bug that causes the video memory (VRAM) of AYANEO 2 and AYANEO GEEK models to drop to 512M, now we will show you how to avoid this bug in the update and how to fix this bug.


How to avoid it:


1、Don't check the [Factory Reset (Recommended)] option when updating



How to fix it:


1、Open Task Manager go to Performance



2、If the value in the red box is not 6GB or 3GB, please follow the tutorial below to fix it



AYANEO 2 Tutorials:》》》AYANEO 2 BIOS Flash method《《《



AYANEO GEEK Tutorials:》》》AYANEO Geek BIOS Flash method《《《





AYANEO 2021/AIR/NEXT update will not encounter this bug





February 15, 2023





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Is it worth to update it or should I skip it?

AYANEOKINGUpdates can be made without skipping

Ok, I got my memory back but now my fingerprint reader isn't working. Even restarting in device manager doesn't work.

AYANEOKINGYou can download the complete driver package from the official website of AYANEO for installation, with the suffix Finger

I received my device yesterday, I did the initial configuration, which was very difficult, because the device has many bugs. I updated everything I had to update, but the device does not perform, does not run any games, all crash, GTA 5 in the most basic configuration, does not run at all, how sad

AYANEOKINGIf so, we recommend that you use [One Click Restore] to update the latest Windows software and AMD drivers.

I would like to know how do I reset to factory settings?

AYANEOKINGSee that:https://help.ayaneo.com/doku.php

After this process, the device won't boot into win anymore, also bios was not detecting the NVME. MMC was still detected in bios. So I turned it off, went back to bios, NVME appeared again, booted into windows, then suddenly GPU is no longer showing in task manager. Now I've pulled the amd drivers for ayaneo 2 off the ayaneo site and just installed AMD ADRENALINE again, restarted and seem to have gone back to normal.

I'd like to add various minor issues related to ayaspace.

If SECURE BOOT is enabled, AyaSpace fails to control RGB, and brightness of the screen.

While I'm not a FIFA fan, but according to forums FIFA won't work unless secure boot is enabled, and I reckon if FIFA (software) has such a race condition other software might too.

So AyaSpace devs, please make sure your software is secure boot compatible (not a deal breaker, but isn't fun to keep switching secure boot on and off.