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AYANEO 2021 Materials display video, WE ARE NOT SCAMMERS!!!

First of all, this update is to say sorry to all friends who are waiting for AYANEO 2021, because you have waited too long, and the objective difficulties we encountered made me have to announce the extension in the last update.

I saw some accusations from some people in IGG comments, and even some people sent abusive DMs to me in Discord. A few people mentioned that AYANEO is a scam, which makes me very sad, so I want to talk to you.

When China talks about people meeting people, they will use one word to describe it, called fate. "We will meet thousands of miles by fate" can well describe the situation that most people and I know each other.

At the beginning of this year, the original team of AYANEO encountered some problems. At that moment, I bought the company and appeared in front of everyone under the name Arthur Zhang. I started to solve all the problems in the past and successfully delivered more than 1,000 units of AYANEO.

I love games and I love handhelds enthusiastically. In the process of producing the 1000th AYANEO, I think the past products have not been truly extreme:

It does not have a linear trigger and cannot play racing games perfectly.

It does not have a linear motor, so when playing games, sometimes the strong vibration sensation can make your hands numb.

Its speaker sound is very small, and sometimes it is impossible to hear the game music clearly.

Its case has many problems, and it does not have a good texture and touch when held in the hand.

Its fan and heat dissipation module also have compatibility issues, and sometimes there will be compatibility issues with the case.

When the button is pressed, the sound is too loud, it will noisy the person next to you in the middle of the night, and the hand feels not good.

If I am just an ordinary businessman, I think the best decision is to ignore these problems. After solving the PCBA network card shortage, I can send AYANEO with the above problems to those who can’t wait. There may be people opening the box with “Amazing” praise.

And I can completely put the above improvements into AYANEO 2. Compared with the first generation, it has a substantial improvement, which can stimulate consumption and complete the upgrade.

However, as a player, I know what a better product is. I think the above problems must be solved. We may need to spend a little more time, and I will be blamed by many users who wait too long.

But my heart is very clear that if I put an imperfect product on the market, I will be unqualified as a CEO.

I am a player, and I must consider it from the player’s perspective, even if there are some objections for the time being, but when they get the product, they will be amazed at the changes I insist on.

So I am willing to pay close to 160,000 US dollars to solve the above problems. For those supporters who have not received AYANEO, what you will receive is a completely changed product with multiple features.

If it were not for my insistence on the product, the product you will receive will have these problems:

There is no linear trigger, no linear motor, a speaker with a very low sound and no sound cavity, a case with a very ordinary texture, and so on.

And all this I brought to you is not in the initial product description statement of Indiegogo's crowdfunding.

In fact, the original intention of crowdfunding activities is to hope that supporters can use their generosity to support the dreams of crowdfunding promoters. It is not a pure purchase behavior, nor is it an ordinary transaction method. It is an interaction based on dreams. Because the supporters helped us, so I am willing to pay more for everyone to upgrade. Even for those friends who have already received crowdfunding products, I still have to pay a lot of costs to help them upgrade to AYANEO 2021. I don't want to always talk about money, but this is a good way to prove my pursuit of better products.

This is also the establishment of a relationship of trust, at least for me.

Therefore, I still do not regret the decision I made, no matter how many people verbally attacked, and no matter how many people do not understand, because we are already on the verge of victory, only the last step is left.

Especially when I got a combination of AYANEO 2021 with a linear trigger, a linear motor, two-color buttons using conductive glue, speaker with sound cavity and a BabySkin case to play games last Friday night. At that moment, I was really moved. I want to cry, because my persistence has paid off. This is a truly perfect handheld.

Okay, let me talk about the button mold that affected the production schedule this time.

When I took over this company, this mold factory had already started cooperating with AYANEO. So although I had better resources in terms of the mould factory, due to the particularity of the mold, it is not suitable to move it to other places, and because this mold factory has helped AYANEO in the past, I also want to see its ability, to give it more opportunities, so I let them make the mold of the two-color button.

In fact, I set aside up to two weeks as a buffer period. Unfortunately, the mold factory delayed the progress, not only wasted the extra two weeks I set aside, but also the first test of the mold performed poorly. Therefore, in this case, we can only postpone the shipment and set aside more time to adjust the mold, and strive to bring you a more perfect product.

All the above remarks are not justifications. It is true that compared with the past plan, we have experienced a certain time delay, which made some friends who waited too long become anxious. I am very sorry for that.

But what I want to say is, my friends, don’t worry, we have really prepared almost all the materials, only the buttons are left.

There have been many ups and downs on this journey, but we only have to take the last leg of the journey to reach the end. I wish my friends would have more trust and patience. Let's rush together to the ultimate victory because of our love for handhelds!

Finally, I will present the most important video in today's update. We shot a video of the materials we prepared for Indiegogo and other channels in the office. This is the first part and includes:

Controller PCBA

Cooling module + fan

Western Digital SSD

Rocker cap

Charger + adapter

Speaker with sound cavity

Tomorrow, I will also arrange for my colleagues to transport other parts of the materials from the factory back to the company and shoot a video for everyone.

I didn't need to do this originally, but I couldn't bear people's doubts about the AYANEO brand. I feel sad for the hard work that I and my team put into the AYANEO brand.

I hope everyone understands that we are really working hard, so we filmed this video, and this may make some people feel at ease.

Video link:

This is the last time I have responded to suspicion. Starting tomorrow, I will not respond to any doubts, and I will spend all the limited time on AYANEO.

My beliefs have allowed me to persist from March until now:

I devote all my 24 hours, except sleep, to AYANEO.

Committed to making the best Windows handheld in the world for you.

Thanks to those friends who sincerely support us.

Arthur Zhang


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