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Top Go Further, Reach the Top Again - AYANEO 2S & GEEK 1S with Latest AMD 7840U Processor
Top AYANEO NEXT Indiegogo crowdfunding officially started!
Jennie 2023-12-06

Showcasing the debut of the AYANEO Pocket S featuring the second-generation Snapdragon® G3x platform

On November 30th, the first batch of high-end flagship Android handheld gaming d...

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Jennie 2023-11-19
Jennie 2023-11-10

Interpret Retro, Reshape Classic - AYANEO REMAKE Concept Officially Released

On November 10th, AYANEO CEO Arthur officially released the AYANEO REMAKE concep...

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Lynn 2023-10-31

OVERKILL.WTF Interview with Arthur Zhang - Dream is to Build the World's Best Handheld

Recently,Arthur Zhang,also known as CEO of AYANEO, received an exclusive intervi...

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Jennie 2023-09-26

AYANEO TGS debut show with lots of highlights and favorable reports from professional media

The annual TGS came to a close on September 24th. This year's TGS marked AYANEO'...

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Lynn 2023-09-24
Jennie 2023-09-23

The High-End Flagship Android Handheld, AYANEO Pocket S, Makes a Spectacular Debut at TGS 2023

On September 23rd, the third day of TGS 2023, the excitement at the exhibition v...

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Jennie 2023-09-22

AYANEO Launches Retro Slide Handheld - AYANEO SLIDE IGG Pre-launch at TGS 2023

TGS is one of the world's three major gaming expos, and TGS 2023 is unprecedente...

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