Powerful And Great Value

Showing The Charm Of RDNA2 Core Graphics

  • Bigger Screen
  • Peak Performance
  • Longer Battery
  • Astonishing Audio Effect
  • RDNA2 powerful
    core graphics
  • 6-inch IPS color
  • Light and
  • Panoramic
    stereo sound
  • 46.2Wh large
  • 28W strong
    cooling system
  • Master



as the name suggests, strives to be ultra-slim and light.

Totally change the traditional concept

of Windows gaming handheld, challenging the impossibility.

Create new possibilities for game consoles with no compromise

on the strength of the product



the next step in the AIR range,

thin, light and portable. It's an uncompromising Plus

handheld that has evolved in many key areas.

AYANEO has never been complacent,

exploring a new possible gaming handheld path.


6"screenHall Sensing Mini Joystick + Hall triggerRGB joystick lighting effect, X-axis motor

TF card slot 28W heat dissipation 46.2Wh Battery

High performance, compact and portable body with precise size control,

presenting the miracle of structural engineering.

237 x 91.4 x 23.1mm
  • Nintendo Switch
    242 × 102 × 13.9mm
  • AYANEO 2
    264.5 x 105.5 x 21.5mm
  • Steam Deck
    298 × 117 × 20mm

Inherit Brand Gene And Continue Artistic Design

The design genes of the AYANEO brand continue with AYANEO AIR Plus.

It is a re-integration of game

consoles and state-of-the-art design. With ergonomic smooth curves and

natural colours, it is simple yet its own style.

Displaying a unique and timeless artistic charm,

it represents the beauty of the AIR series.

Natural Color Defining Aesthetics

Of Colour On A Gaming Handheld

A great beauty in a world that speaks without words, AIR Plus

deconstructs the code of natural aesthetics. The mountains, the rivers,

the sky and the earth are all transformed into colours that are full of vitality. Bring

the energy and passion of natural pulsation to the world

of handheld gaming and redefine colour aesthetics.

Lightweight And Compact
It Goes Anywhere In Your Pocket.

Exceptional artistic style of flowing aesthetics, drawing the

outline of the compact body with elegant curves.

Carefully crafted to create an ingenious texture with only 2 visible screws on the entire body.

Continue the concept of lightness to 510g, happy to upgrade in your pocket

IPS Professional Colour Screen,
Probably The Best Screen In 6" Windows handhelds
  • 6-Inch IPS Screen

    Larger screen than AIR

    Golden size balances visual and

    portable experience

  • 400 Nits

    Brilliant high brightness

    Higher visibility

  • sRGB volume:120%* DCI P3:85%

    Wide color gamut

    More vivid image

    Upgrade visual experience

  • 1920*1080 Resolution

    Delicate game screen

    Show every detail

  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio

    Smooth transition between light and dark

    More distinct for sense of hierarchy

  • Dynamic Image Quality



* 5%-10% deviation is normal range

Cross-era Core Graphics RDNA2
Powerful "Core" Smooth In Game

AMD Ryzen TM5 7520U with further improved performance helps players to

improve their gaming experience again Balance Between Power

Consumption and Performance, the upper limit of TDP is controlled at 15W

Dedicated to building Mendocino handheld,

excellent performance shows the charm of RDNA2 core graphics

AMD Ryzen™3 7320U

AMD Ryzen™ 3 7320U has cross-era core graphics RDNA2 architecture

Balance Between Power Consumption and Performance, the upper limit of

TDP is controlled at 15W Innovative architecture and excellent energy

consumption ratio bring players a passionate gaming experience

Compact Case With Whirlwind Heat Dissipation
Powerful Cooling

Born for a long-lasting and smooth high-frame gaming experience,

the heat dissipation system is fully optimized, and the

high wind pressure + large air volume quickly sweeps away the heat,

Support up to 28W heat dissipation, supporting combat and cooling output.

Exquisite Body Ultra-long Battery Life

Streaming Game And Cloud Game Experience Once Upgrade

Lightweight And Portable Powerful Heat Dissipation

Smooth Independent Game and Retro Game Experiences

RDNA2 Graphics Charm

Handheld Game Experience Upgrade

Battery Plus! A New Level Of Evolution In 6"
Gaming Handheld Screens

Say goodbye to the anxiety of a low battery with 46.2 Wh large capacity,

which is super and full of power. With the support of Type-C PD fast charging technology,

the battery life has been greatly improved and will never stop.

Precise Micro-manipulation With Ease
Thanks To The Hall Sensing Mini Joystick

No drift, no dead zone, high accuracy for controlling gaming experience

Small size and light weight, durable grip feeling and long playing time

Replaceable joystick caps, smart and fashionable colours to

create a more personalised control experience

High Precision Hall Trigger, Gaming Steering For Esports

Compared with the traditional physical connecting rod trigger,

the Hall Trigger has achieved a breakthrough improvement of the

precise and smooth control without any limitation.

The trigger stroke is 7.5mm, and the trigger accuracy can be 0.09mm.

Enjoy high acceleration, smooth control beyond the millimetre level.

Continue Exclusive AIRTouch Tactile Feedback
Smooth Curved Ergonomically Designed Controller

Fine-tuned fit angle, soft curves create a comfortable feel

Small and lightweight, can withstand the feeling of

holding and playing for a long time.

Exclusive and unique AIRTouch texture is soft and smooth,

resistant to dirt, scratches and fingerprints.

RGB Lighting Effect Doubles Your Fighting Power

The Hall Sensing Mini Joystick has RGB lighting effects onboard and is linked to the battery.

When playing games, players can know the power status in a second.

The colourful lighting is a welcome addition to your battlefield experience.

Comparable To Professional Controllers
Precise Attack All The Time
Play Like An Ace

Equipped with the MASTER controller, it brings players master-level control

experience with eight functions and six patents

  • The joystick Has No Dead Zone

    no dead zones in the inner and outer circles, for FPS games

    Achieve fine targeting to meet higher game control requirements

  • Trigger Sensitivity Adjustment

    LT/RT Hall linear trigger sensitivity soars instantly,

    preemptive to win the battle

  • Joystick sensitivity adjustment

    Adjust different sensitivities according to different hand feelings, so you no longer have to worry about

    moving too fast or not being able to aim, ensuring that players always show master level operation;

  • Motor Vibration Strength Adjustment

    The X-axis linear motor can provide better vibration feedback,

    and the comfortable vibration intensity can be adjusted through the Master full-function handle.

    Experience the realism of virtual games and experience the shocking 4D effect.

  • Zero Power Standby

    Unique advantages for a longer battery life experience

  • Button Burst Function

    Support semi-automatic bursts, fully automatic bursts, no matter whether it is

    a fierce gunfight or a bloody fight, can be easy to control

  • Gyroscope Somatosensory Assisted Aiming

    FPS artifact, super balanced somatosensory assisted aiming,

    quickly lock the target, shoot wherever you point to!

  • A-B X-Y Buttons Shift

    No longer worry about the problem that the game buttons do not correspond,

    Create the most convenient operation method in a fluent way

X-axis Motor
Immerse Yourself In A 4D Vibration!

It gives hardcore gamers richer, finer and more realistic tactile feedback through

software and hardware. Multiple scenes vibrate exquisitely, creating a sensory

experience on multiple levels. It puts the soul into the game for an amazing experience.

Dual Channel Support + Smart Amplifiers With A Dual Boost
Take Your Immersive Stereo Effects To The Battlefield

Dual channel cavity, creating an immersive panoramic stereo surround sound quality,

an immersive battle sound.For the first time in the AIR series, the Intelligent Power Amplifier

amplifies the weak signal from the sound source, driving the speaker,

, creating a more powerful and attractive sound field, improving the overall sound

quality, and providing players with an extremely shocking Plus audio-visual experience.

Customized Button

The smart and easy to use design allows players to feel comfortable controlling.

The short press and long press of the LC and RC buttons can trigger different functions,

and the short press of the "=" button can be

customized to bring more convenient functions to have a gaming

experience on Windows handheld devices.

Support Fingerprint Recognition,
Fast Switch On The Handheld

Continuing the fingerprint recognition function in the thin and light body

Your personal ID easily enters the game world.

Support multi-fingerprint, gamers can share the fun with friends

  • Support Multi-fingerprints

  • Multi-accounts

  • Share Gaming Fun

High-speed M.2 2280 SSD For Smooth
Latency-free Operation

AYANEO AIR Plus also incorporates an M.2 2280 SSD for players in the compact case,

with a maximum storage capacity of 4T per side.

Selected high-speed particles, compared with other handheld devices,

the M.2 2280 SSD is a more mainstream SSD with better compatibility, bringing a fast,

stable and durable storage experience, saving players time and worry.

WiFi 6, High Speed And Low Latency Fast
Stable BT 5.2 Connection

Supports high-speed WiFi 6 network, extremely fast with low delay and no lagging.

Equipped with Bluetooth BT 5.2 chip, which can be connected in seconds, and can also

help reduce the device's power consumption by controlling the power.

Improves communication reliability by using RSSI to calibrate the link level.

Dual Microphone Design
Pickup + Noise Reduction

There are 2 built-in microphones, one of which is stable and maintains a clear conversation,

and the other of which uses the principle of cancellation to eliminate

background noise. Dual Mic greatly enhances the experience of

communicating with those playing and competing in the game.

Versatile Configuration & Interface
Your All-in-one Gaming Handheld
  • Fast fingerprint unlock

    The power button is compatible with the fingerprint reader.

    Share the fun with friends by entering multiple fingerprints and multiple accounts.

  • USB 3.2 Type-C interface

    With 2 full-featured USB 3.2 Type-C ports. Video output supports DP1.4 4K60Hz

    regardless of front/rear insertion, supports power and high-speed transfer,

    supports expansion dock, and brings more powerful scalability.

  • LPDDR5 5500 storage

    The full HP version takes the speed up to 5500Mbps.

  • High-speed TF card slot

    A USB 3.0 level TF card slot is located on the underside of the housing. The theoretical

    transfer rate can reach 100MB per second, and the storage capacity can be easily expanded.

  • Wi-Fi 6

    The highest speed can reach 9.6Gbps

  • Dual microphones (sound pickup + noise reduction)
  • Bluetooth 5.2

    High-speed connection without interruption

  • 3.5mm headphone port

    ensures a thin and light body, maintains the 3.5mm headphone port,

    which has wide compatibility and good durability

  • Dual-channel cavity stereo speaker
Breaking down the barriers between handheld gaming devices and operating systems
Dual-engine drive for smooth, fast performance
Exclusive And Comprehensive Management Software - AYASpace

AYASpace is a unique front end for managing games and devices running on Windows based gaming

handhelds. It is not a "tool" or "front-end" in the traditional sense. It is a real breakthrough in breaking down the

barriers between Windows systems and handhelds. It overcomes the problem of how the player has to

configure the device, and the gaming experience has made a great leap forward.

Exclusive MiniApp

Small applications will form a multi-terminal, multi-system and cross-platform ecology with the advantages of

lightweight, appropriate and low-code development. The possibilities for the future are very exciting.

APP on AYASpace

Create a community of players together, synchronise the game library on the cloud, and allow players to use

their mobile phones to control the gaming handheld, turning the mobile phone into a touch pad, keyboard,

mouse, etc. in a matter of seconds. It can be described as a powerful companion for Windows gaming

handhelds. It provides a fast and smooth gaming experience.

AYANEO OS Real For Games

AYANEO OS is a gaming handheld operating system based on the Linux system optimized,

customized and developed by AYANEO Software's R&D team. It has compatibility similar

to that of Steam OS. Compared to the Windows system, it offers more efficient running,

less power consuming, more elegant interactive interface and a more immersive experience.


The built-in ES system, popular with users,

is simplified and called ES mini.

Play On A Big Screen Using An External Unit
Share Instantly And Enjoy Double Fun!

AYANEO AIR Plus Glacier Blue

Intel Alder Lake i3 1215U

Storage 8GB / 16GB LPDDR5 5200

SSD 128GB / 512GB

Size 237mm X 91.4mm

Thickness 23.1mm / Weight 510g

Resolution 1920*1080 / IPS

Screen 6 inch / Brightness 400nits

368 PPI / Touch Screen Five-Point Touch

Master Controller / Hall Sensing Mini Joystick / Hall Trigger

Adjustable RGB Light / Fingerprint Unlock

Micro SD Card

Battery 46.2Wh

PD3.0 65W Fast Charge

Wi-Fi 6

BT 5.2

Type C (USB4)*2

AYANEO AIR Plus Starlight Black

AMD Ryzen™3 7320U/AMD Ryzen™5 7520U

Storage 8GB / 16GB LPDDR5 5500

SSD 128GB / 512GB

Size 237mm X 91.4mm

Thickness 23.1mm / Weight 510g

Resolution 1920*1080 / IPS

Screen 6 inch / Brightness 400nits

368 PPI / Touch Screen Five-Point Touch

Master Controller / Hall Sensing Mini Joystick / Hall Trigger

Adjustable RGB Light / Fingerprint Unlock

Micro SD Card

Battery 46.2Wh

PD3.0 65W Fast Charge

Wi-Fi 6

BT 5.2

Type C (USB 3.2)*2

AYANEO AIR Plus Classic Gray

AMD Ryzen™7 6800U

AMD Ryzen™5 7520U

lntel 8505/1215U

Storage 16GB / 32GB LPDDR5 6400

SSD 512GB/1TB / 2TB

Size 237mm X 91.4mm

Thickness 23.1mm / Weight 525g

Resolution 1920*1080 / IPS

Screen 6 inch / Brightness 400nits

368 PPI / Touch Screen Five-Point Touch

Master Controller / Hall Sensing Mini Joystick / Hall Trigger

Adjustable RGB Light / Fingerprint Unlock

Micro SD Card

Battery 46.2Wh

PD3.0 65W Fast Charge

Wi-Fi 6

BT 5.2

Type C (USB4)*2

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