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AYASpace Play with Applet 【FPS Thunder】

AYASpace Small Applet [FPS Thunder] Description.


[FPS Thunder] is a software that supports real-time monitoring of game status on AYANEO handhelds, and will show you how to use this applet.


How to use [FPS Thunder]:


Step 1: First download the [FPS Thunder] app in AYASpace - Game Assistant Applet.




Step 2:Press the [Y] key to enter the [FPS Thunder] applet management interface, and open the [FPS Thunder] applet



Step 3:After opening the [FPS Thunder] applet, return to the AYASpace home page, open the game through AYASpace, and you will see that the [FPS Thunder] applet has taken effect.




And players, according to their preferences, can also choose different styles [Minimalist、Custom], or according to their own data display needs to set.



Ending:This is the end of the FPS Thunder process!




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