AYASpace quick start and FAQ

Update Date:20211015

Version: Beta

Note: This description is only for the quick start and FAQ of version If you are using a newer version of the software product, the actual installation function shall prevail, without separate notification.


Dear AYANEO players, welcome to choose AYANEO products.

The AYANEO team has prepared this AYA Space exclusive software for you to provide you with a better Windows handheld gaming experience.

Below are the quick start instructions and FAQs of AYA Space brought to you by our product team.



0.Do some preparatory work first


First download the following software:


1)AYA Space Beta

download link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TMSMeKpio2JpnrLKvztSEypFmDcupaW6/view?usp=sharing 

After the download is complete, double-click the installation package to install it. If you encounter an error message about missing files, it is recommended to turn off the computer firewall and anti-virus software and try.


2)AMD Radeon Software 21.10.2

download link:https://www.amd.com/en/support

*If you have already installed this software on your host, please check and upgrade to the latest version, which will bring you a better gaming experience.


**Please remember to turn on the 「Gaming-Display」 tab of the software. The option 「GPU Scaling」 will provide you with a more stable and easy-to-use technical guarantee when switching display resolutions.



3)Upgrade controller firmware

If you are an AYANEO Founder version (without official hardware upgrade), please remember to download the latest version of the handle upgrade firmware V109. After upgrading the firmware, your handheld will cooperate with AYASpace to realize the vibration adjustment function.

Controller firmware download link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/15nS0yb1XlK2aFUPUHe8pUxAVg0RNa1vu/view?usp=sharing

Upgrade instructions:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XIrdKnticRCOVt9JK4mTe5bznAI_fH1z/view?usp=sharing


1.Register AYAID


First of all, in order to use the many software and Internet product functions prepared by the AYANEO team for you in the future, you need to register AYAID, simply use your usual email address to register.



After filling in the verification code, press the 「menu button」 to enter the next step. If you want to use your mobile phone number to register, you can also press the 「X」 key to switch the registration method.



2.Manage the game and get everything ready


AYA Space has designed a simple and easy-to-use private game management function for players. Whether it is a game you purchased on Steam, Xbox, or a local game in your private collection, it can be automatically scanned by AYA Space or added manually.

*The currently supported game platforms are Steam and Xbox. In subsequent product version iterations, platforms such as Epic and GOG will be supported successively.


1)Auto scan



When you have installed Steam and Xbox games in AYANEO, every time you start AYA Space, the game will be scanned to ensure that your game library is consistent with your locally installed games.

*If you need a manual quick scan, please press the 「LB/RB」 button to switch to the 「Games」 interface, press the "Menu button" to open the game management, and perform a quick scan.


2)Manage games

AYA Space provides players with convenient game management functions, allowing you to get rid of complicated operations in the palm of your hand, and quickly enjoy the fun of the game.



When you need to add and manage local games, in the 「Games」 interface, press the 「Menu button」 to enter the game management interface.



In 「Game Management」, in order to facilitate player operations, we have made an original interactive method. You can use your accustomed D-pad to quickly open the corresponding functions:

Press left: Enter to 「Add Game」.

Press up: Enter to 「Uninstall Game」.

Press down: Enter the 「Unknown File」.


3)Add game



When you need to scan the local game of the bound platform, you can press the left button here, and the program will quickly help you to include the game you just installed into the library.



AYA Space will help you find game files in common directories through a unique algorithm. You can see which of your local private collection games are in 「Unknown File」.




When your local private favorite game needs to be added to the game library, you can press up to enter the shortcut directory, add the upper level directory of the game execution file, you can quickly find your favorite game and add it to the library.


4)Game information search and improvement

How can the pleasing game library not have a complete cover and introduction? AYA Space provides you with fast-finished product solutions.

The data of your Steam and Xbox games will be automatically captured and stored locally after you put the game in the library.



However, there will always be some game data that cannot be automatically obtained. At this time, you can use the search and manual completion functions:





Enter the game details page, click 「DATA」 to enter the game information management page;



Press up to enter 「Search」;



Use a virtual keyboard or an external keyboard to enter the game name, taking care to remove extra punctuation.

Select the correct game data and wait for the download to complete!



-Manual completion


If you need to configure the game's data to be what you want, then you need to operate in the following way:

Place the following picture materials in your game installation directory:

List cover image - This image will be displayed on the game list and details page.


Background image - This image will be displayed on the game details page.


Clear logo - This image will be displayed in the upper right corner of the game details page.


The above image extension support: png, jpg, jpeg



3.Configure your AYA QuickTool, more convenient for handheld use


AYAQuickTool is a very convenient function designed by the AYANEO team for all players. Here you can quickly adjust your handheld’s TDP, resolution and other settings that are closely related to your gaming experience. Say goodbye to the annoying and cumbersome operations. Just one click and enjoy the game. 

Configure  Control

When you get AYANEO, you need to configure the Controls first, which is the beginning of letting you enjoy the game better.



Switch the page to the 「Assistant」 page, and you can see 「Home」 and 「AYAQuicktool」 in the configuration center on the right side of the interface. Click 「+」 here to configure controls.

-The controls configured in the 「home」 will be displayed on the home page, which is convenient for you to use in the software;

-The controls configured in 「AYAQuicktool」 will be seen when you use the 「KB」 key to open AYAQuickTool, which is convenient for you to use quickly in the game.

At present, the product has built-in the following controls for players:



In the future, as the version is iterated, more controls will be added to enhance your game and user experience.



4.The magical effect of KB


The "KB" key is a magical key in the use of AYA Space.



-When the software is running in the foreground, you can press the KB key to hide AYA Space to run in the background. At this time, you can see the familiar Windows interface and use it as you like;

-When the software is hidden in the background, you can HOLD the KB button, and AYA Space will once again be displayed in front of you in full screen for you to use.

-When the software is hidden in the background, whether you are in the game or under the desktop, you can press the KB button, and AYAQuickTool will be ready to serve you.



Use the "KB" button flexibly, and you will feel the game convenience brought to you by AYANEO.


The AYANEO team will still bring you more simple and easy-to-use software products in the future. AYA Space is just the beginning. This quick start is only a small part for you. The rest of the product features, please explore and use them during use. Experience it!





Q:Why in some games I press the "KB" button, the game will be minimized instead of displaying the "Quick Tool Window" on the game?

A:The current software is a Beta version, and we still have some minor issues with the compatibility of full-screen games. The subsequent versions will be able to cover more game usage scenarios.

Current solution: In order to get a better gaming experience, try to set the display mode of the game to "Borderless Windowing" mode. In this mode, "Quick Set Small Window" has the best compatibility.


Q:Why does the game crash/flicker after I click the resolution switching function of the quick setting window in the game?

A:If you need to switch the display resolution, we recommend that you switch before entering the game, because many games do not support switching during the game. Switching has a high probability of crashing or flickering.

If you encounter a flickering problem, please don't worry, connect the monitor first, and check whether your AMD official software and driver have been updated to the latest version. Updating to the latest version of the driver can solve most flickering problems.

AMD driver:https://www.amd.com/en/support

*After the upgrade is complete, please be sure to open the AMD driver software and enable the "GPU scaling" function in the "Game"-"Global Graphics"-"Display" tab.


Q:Why can't some of my local games be added or scanned into the game library?

A:The current version of the software still needs to continuously optimize the strategy and algorithm in the local scanning strategy. Some local game directories with too many directory levels may not be scanned. We recommend that you can manually add your common directories to your "Game Management" , Or place the local game under "drive letter:/games", and third-party platforms such as steam using the default path can also solve this problem.

With the version update, we will provide smarter algorithms and strategies to help you get a more worry-free game management experience.


Q:Why is there no response when I set the vibration in AYA Evo?

A:At present, after the vibration function is set, it immediately reports that there are occasional failures, which is a program bug. As long as you press A to set the vibration level, it will take effect, and the feedback bug will be resolved in subsequent versions.

All players using AYA Space are requested to install the controller firmware v109 version provided by us. Only when this version or a newer version of the controller firmware is installed can the vibration be adjusted with the software。


Q:Why can’t the games I purchased on Epic/Orign/GOG be added to the game library correctly?

A1:At present, AYASpace already supports the automatic import of Steam and Xbox platforms, and the support of other game platforms will be added successively;

A2:Because of the complexity of the game directory and the installation path of different game platforms, it is not recommended to add game platform games by adding a directory;


Q:Why can't I get the update when I click the 「Update」 button on the homepage?

A:At present, AYA Space is still in Beta testing stage. The firmware and driver update function will be launched in a future version.


Q:Why can't I set an avatar?

A:At present, AYA Space is still in the beta testing stage, and the avatar modification function is not yet open.


Q:Why can't I click and operate some buttons with touch?

A:The current product experience that supports touch operation is not perfect, and will support full touch operation in subsequent versions;


Q:Why can't I use the controller to control AYAQuickTool?

A:At present, the product's experience of full-controller operation is not perfect, and full-controller operation will be supported in subsequent versions;


Q:Does AYA Space have to be connected to the Internet throughout the entire process?

A:AYA Space needs to rely on the network when registering an account and obtaining data online. In addition, AYA Space can be used offline.


Q:AYA Space occupies the KB key, can I bind it to other keys?

A:Sorry, no. The use of KB key as the core of the software start button is carefully designed by the team, please understand. If you have a high demand for soft keyboards, you can add keyboard widgets to it in AYA Quick Setup for your convenience.

We know that the current version is still not good enough, but we firmly believe that as the product continues to iterate, it will provide you with a better product experience and value. If you have more good product suggestions and problem feedback, you are very welcome to sent E-mail to our product team: software@ayaneo.com

Or fill the feedback:https://forms.gle/SAghBmrr5q8j7yDy7



December 7, 2021




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