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REDRUMURDER 2023-12-19 · Answers

Accessories for AYAneo

Hello everyone.I hope you are having a great day.My main surprise when thinkin...

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AYANEOKING 2023-02-20 · Answers

AYANEO Handle Firmware Upgrade instructions

When we press the left joystick to hold still for boot, we will find that when w...

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AYANEOKING 2023-02-15 · Answers

AMD driver version 23.2.1 upgrade instructions

Dear players, after testing and player feedback, this AMD driver version 23.2.1...

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AYANEOKING 2023-02-10 · Answers

AYANEO 2 CingKo 2T SSD Firmware Upgrade Tutorial

Recently, we have upgraded the firmware of some SSD used in AYANEO 2 (CingKo 2T)...

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AYANEOKING 2023-02-03 · Answers

AYANEO Geek BIOS Flash method

1. Note on brushing [ Must read! ]: When the BIOS is flashed, it needs to be...

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AYANEOKING 2022-12-22 · Answers

AYANEO 2 Screen Firmware brush into the tutorial

Step 1: First download the attachment to decompress the file, and place the deco...

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AYANEO Product Experience

By coincidence in 2021, I saw AYA-related topics on the Internet. As usual, I cl...

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AYANEOKING 2021-12-08 · Answers

Frequently asked questions about the newly received AYANEO handheld

Question: Does the machine enjoy 7 days of unconditional return?Answer: If the...

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