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Evolution Knows No Bounds - AYANEO Pocket EVO Unveiled: 7" 120Hz OLED Flagship Android Handheld

July 10, 2024 – Since its announcement, the AYANEO Pocket EVO has garnered significant attention and discussion from gamers and media worldwide. Today, AYANEO CEO, Arthur, unveiled the AYANEO Pocket EVO, the world's first 7" OLED 120Hz high-refresh-rate flagship Android handheld, in a live online presentation. The event showcased the device's impressive capabilities and generated widespread excitement among viewers.



AYANEO Pocket EVO: Comprehensive Advantage


The AYANEO Pocket EVO is the first Android handheld to feature a 7" 1080P OLED 120Hz high-refresh-rate display. This powerful device seamlessly blends exceptional performance with a sophisticated design. Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform, it effortlessly handles high-resolution, high-refresh-rate mobile games, streaming, and cloud gaming. The AYANEO Pocket EVO stands out as a versatile, large-screen Android handheld unmatched in its class.



AYANEO Pocket EVO: Highlights Revealed


"EVO" stands for "Evolution," representing progress and innovation. The AYANEO Pocket EVO embodies a complete evolution in flagship Android handhelds, delivering an unparalleled experience in performance, aesthetics, display, and control thanks to its innovative design and exceptional capabilities.



As a flagship Android handheld designed for superior performance, the AYANEO Pocket EVO embraces the AYANEO brand's heritage. It inherits the classic, elegant design of the flagship Windows handhelds, AYANEO 2 and 2S, which were recognized with the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 in Japan. This design has garnered industry acclaim and appreciation, adding a touch of refined artistic flair to the Android handheld segment, following the success of the Pocket S.



Leveraging the inherent advantage of lower power consumption in Android handhelds, the AYANEO Pocket EVO innovates upon its classic design. A bespoke new mold results in a remarkably slim and lightweight body, measuring just 1*mm in thickness. The device's contours have been meticulously refined, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and grip comfort.



This slim profile is achieved through a streamlined screen structure. AYANEO consistently sets higher standards in the display arena, pioneering the use of OLED screens in both Windows and Android handhelds. These screens deliver breathtaking color and a thinner overall structure, continuing to lead the charge in handheld display technology.



To meet the growing demands of high-resolution and high-frame-rate games, the AYANEO Pocket EVO features a 7" 1080P 120Hz OLED display, making it the world's first 7" OLED 120Hz high-refresh-rate flagship Android handheld. This vibrant and responsive 120Hz OLED display delivers an exceptionally smooth visual experience for everyday information communication, high-resolution mobile games, streaming and cloud gaming.



Like the stunning AYANEO Pocket S, the Pocket EVO boasts an elegant bezel-less full-screen design, offering an immersive 7-inch display experience. The high-strength fully-laminated glass panel and premium craftsmanship further enhance AYANEO's refined aesthetic.



The AYANEO Pocket EVO is not just a visual masterpiece; it's a performance powerhouse. Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform, its 15W esports-grade performance effortlessly conquers high-performance retro games and Android mobile games with maximum graphics settings. Combined with the 7" 120Hz high-refresh-rate display, players can indulge in peak gaming experiences.




The larger form factor of the AYANEO Pocket EVO allows for a more extensive cooling system, incorporating a larger heatsink and a larger fan, comparable to those found in X86-based devices. This results in a significant improvement in active cooling efficiency, pushing the boundaries of sustained performance output and heat dissipation. The strategic placement of the cooling zones, avoiding areas where the device is held, enhances the grip comfort during extended gaming sessions.



In terms of control configuration, the AYANEO Pocket EVO is the first Android handheld to feature hall sensing big joystick in-industry . AYANEO's accumulated expertise in tuning these joysticks provides a wider range of motion and precise feedback, free from drift and dead zones, delivering industry-leading control responsiveness.



Furthermore, the AYANEO Pocket EVO introduces angled button layout. This design ensures that intense control sequences between the joysticks and buttons do not hinder the user's grip, aligning with player preferences and achieving a harmonious balance between elegant design and comfortable control.



The highly acclaimed ergonomic grip has been refined with adjusted curves for a more natural and comfortable grip experience. Coupled with AYANEO's meticulous high-grade UV process, the Pocket EVO boasts a premium feel unmatched in the Android handheld market.



As a fully evolved flagship Android handheld, the AYANEO Pocket EVO's peripheral configuration is equally impressive. It features the largest HD linear motor ever implemented in an Android handheld, with AYASpace providing comprehensive vibration settings, Supports body, sound, controller, and buttons four-mode vibration. This seamless integration of hardware and software delivers multi-dimensional, nuanced vibration across various scenarios, immersing players in their games.



Beyond its exceptional grip and vibration feedback, the AYANEO Pocket EVO pushes boundaries with its innovative design. Through meticulous structural stacking, it incorporates an X86-level cooling system within its slim profile while also featuring a massive battery exceeding 8000mAh. This surpasses all similar products, making AYANEO Pocket EVO with the largest battery capacity among 7" Android devices. The gaming endurance will be beyond imagination.



Beyond its exceptional cooling system, Hall sensing joysticks, and 8***mAh battery, the AYANEO Pocket EVO maintains a weight of approximately 4**g, making it the most lightweight and portable 7" large-screen Android handheld available.




For gamers who enjoy streaming and cloud gaming, the AYANEO Pocket EVO supports the latest high-speed WiFi protocol, delivering theoretical speeds of up to 30Gbps, lower latency, and more stable data transmission, resulting in smoother and more stable gaming experiences.



AYANEO Pocket EVO continues AYANEO's software self-research advantages, pre-installed with the AYA Home desktop launcher and AYA Space management software. These software solutions support innovative features such as performance mode customization, device spoofing, button mapping and game library management optimization. Future upgrades will introduce even more functionalities and enhanced experiences, providing users with exclusive and convenient software solutions.



Two Flagship Android Handhelds


This year, AYANEO first introduced the AYANEO Pocket S, a 6" 2K IPS glossy screen, lightweight flagship Android handheld powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform. Recently, the AYANEO Pocket EVO, a 7" OLED 120Hz high-refresh-rate all-around flagship Android handheld, also powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform, has made its grand debut.



These two handhelds each have their own highlights and advantages. The Pocket EVO is an all-around flagship handheld, with its 7" OLED 120Hz high-refresh-rate screen perfectly suited for playing mainstream Android mobile games and streaming games. The Pocket S is a rare compact high-performance Android handheld in the market. Both devices can provide players with the ultimate Android handheld gaming experience.



Following the release of the AYANEO Pocket EVO, the Pocket S will continue to be sold alongside it, allowing players to choose based on their personal preferences and needs. The AYANEO Pocket EVO will open for pre-order with exciting surprises this month. Please stay tuned for updates.



The elegant and powerful AYANEO Pocket EVO was born from AYANEO's understanding of current players' gaming experience needs. With its 7" 120Hz OLED high-refresh-rate screen and numerous leading features, it perfectly meets players' demands for a high-performance large-screen Android handheld, truly revolutionizing the Android handheld gaming experience.



More highlights and complete information about the AYANEO Pocket EVO will be revealed at the official launch event. Please stay tuned for the exciting unveiling.


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