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AYANEO Wins INDIEGOGO's "2023 Most Valuable Brand" and "Best Community Management" Awards for the Second Year in a Row

June 18, 2024 – AYANEO, a leading innovator in the handheld gaming industry, has once again been recognized for its excellence, winning two prestigious awards at the INDIEGOGO "Creators" 2024 Annual Summit and Awards Ceremony. AYANEO secured the coveted "2023 GOGO Awards Most Valuable Brand" title, building upon its strong performance in 2023. Adding to its accolades, the versatile flagship Windows handheld, AYANEO 2S, was also awarded the "2023 GOGO Awards Best Community Management" award.




INDIEGOGO, the world's largest platform for launching innovative products, serves as a bridge for emerging Chinese tech companies seeking to reach global markets. This year's annual summit brought together numerous brands and industry leaders, with INDIEGOGO CEO Becky Center making her first visit to China to deliver a keynote address and present awards. Several industry experts shared their insights and experiences on building successful brands for a global audience.



Beyond the awards, AYANEO showcased several of its handheld gaming devices that were launched on INDIEGOGO in 2023, attracting attendees to experience AYANEO unique charm firsthand.



AYANEO has consistently collaborated closely with INDIEGOGO to bring innovative products to global backers and gamers. During the summit, AYANEO CEO, Arthur Zhang met with INDIEGOGO CEO Becky Center to discuss and solidify a deeper and more comprehensive strategic partnership for the future. AYANEO and INDIEGOGO have committed to a deeper and more comprehensive strategic partnership, aiming to bring more innovative and high-quality products to global backers and gamers through the INDIEGOGO platform. This collaboration will leverage the strengths of both parties to achieve mutual success and set a new standard for Chinese brands expanding into international markets.



Since 2023, AYANEO has successfully launched numerous handhelds on INDIEGOGO, including the AYANEO 2S, GEEK 1S, AIR 1S, KUN, SLIDE, FLIP DS & KB,AIR and Pocket S, and the Retro Mini PCs AM01 and AM02.






Adhering to the philosophy of "Real Gamers, Know Gamers," AYANEO consistently prioritizes the real needs and comprehensive experiences of its players. The company maintains close communication with its community, leveraging innovative product concepts and cutting-edge technology to create diverse, high-quality products across various categories. AYANEO strives to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience and exceptional product service to gamers worldwide.




These awards from INDIEGOGO are a testament to AYANEO's unwavering commitment to its brand philosophy and innovative products, consistently delivering outstanding results on the platform. The "2023 GOGO Awards Most Valuable Brand" and "2023 GOGO Awards Best Community Management" awards reflect the trust and support AYANEO has earned from its dedicated backers and gamers.




AYANEO is committed to bringing even more innovative and exciting products to gamers worldwide. The recently unveiled retro handhelds, AYANEO Pocket DMG and MICRO, along with the Starship All-in-One Graphics Dock AG01, are now available for pre-launch on INDIEGOGO. Global backers and gamers are invited to participate in the crowdfunding campaign to enjoy early access and exclusive benefits.





AYANEO remains dedicated to innovation and its community, continuously developing a wider range of products and strengthening its partnership with INDIEGOGO. The company will continue to launch groundbreaking products on the crowdfunding platform, rewarding its global backers and gamers as they embark on a journey of endless gaming fun together.

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