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AYANEO AIR 1S 「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」 Edition Launches Globally

June 14, 2024 – AYANEO and 505 Games today announced the global launch of the AYANEO AIR 1S 「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」 Edition, following the successful release of the previous limited commemorative edition. Gamers can visit the AYANEO AIR 1S INDIEGOGO crowdfunding page to pre-order.

Link: https://www.ayaneo.com/igg/AIR1S



Since its announcement, the AYANEO AIR 1S 「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」 Edition Commemorative Model has garnered significant attention from both Gamers and media alike. Many Gamers expressed their desire to get their hands on this stunning collaboration. Real Gamers, Know Gamers! The passion and dreams of gaming are always moving. AYANEO listened to its Gamers and, based on its deep partnership with 505 Games, officially launched the AYANEO AIR 1S 「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」 Edition for public sale, as a way to thank Gamers for their support and love.



「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」 is a classic, traditional ensemble JRPG created by the core team behind Suikoden. The story revolves around a war between great nations, unfolding through the perspectives of diverse characters. One hundred unique heroes join the protagonist in their fight for survival in a fantastical world. 「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」 innovatively combines 3D backgrounds with 2D pixel art, creating a captivating narrative that immerses Gamers in the unique charm of JRPGs (Japanese Role-Playing Games).



505 Games, a globally recognized video game publisher, is behind 「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」. Dedicated to providing diverse gaming experiences for Gamers of all ages, 505 Games boasts a portfolio of games spanning various genres and styles. This includes well-known titles like 「Death Stranding」 and the 「Ghostrunner」 series, bringing a world of endless fun to Gamers worldwide.、




This collaboration with 505 Games features the AYANEO AIR 1S 「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」 Edition, fully integrated with game elements. The device showcases the game's iconic colors and classic characters on its main body. It also boasts a new and upgraded AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U flagship processor, resulting in a significant leap in NPU performance and low-power efficiency. When plugged in, the device can achieve a 25W performance release. Combined with a 5.5" 1080P AMOLED vibrant display, Hall sensing joysticks + Hall triggers, and the feature-rich Master all-purpose controller, the AYANEO AIR 1S 「「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」 Edition」 delivers an even more immersive gaming experience.




Beyond the AYANEO AIR 1S standard edition and the 「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」 Edition, both powered by the AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U flagship processor, AYANEO is also bringing the AYANEO 2S and AYANEO KUN, both upgraded with the AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U, to Gamers worldwide. This powerful performance and versatile product lineup caters to the unique needs of different Gamers seeking Windows handhelds.





The successful launch of the AYANEO AIR 1S 「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」 Edition handheld has paved the way for further collaboration between AYANEO and 505 Games. The two companies will explore more partnership models to jointly promote gaming culture and bring a richer, more personalized gaming experience to Gamers worldwide. AYANEO will continue to work closely with more partners in the future, bringing Gamers even more surprises. The dream of gaming is the bond that connects us with our Gamers. To realize that dream, we are always on the road.


AYANEO AIR 1S 「Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes」 Edition IGG Campaign: https://www.ayaneo.com/igg/AIR1S



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