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AYANEO Branding Campaign and Pocket S Announcement Conference Successfully Held in Japan


Tokyo, May 30, 2024 - The leading gaming handheld brand AYANEO, in collaboration with its Japanese partner Tenku.Co.,Ltd  successfully convened the AYANEO Pocket S product showcase event at the Shinjuku Yotsuya Tower in Tokyo.




AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang provided attendant media and partners with an overview of the AYANEO brand and its developmental history. Mr. Takuro Yamada from Tenku.Co.,Ltd demonstrated and introduced the flagship Android gaming handheld AYANEO Pocket S, which is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon G3x G2 gaming platform. AYANEO's partners and numerous representatives from Japan's mainstream gaming media attended the event, sharing their impressions and experiences of the AYANEO brand and its latest flagship product, expressing high praise for AYANEO's brand culture and spirit of innovation.



The premium flagship Android gaming handheld AYANEO Pocket S has been conceived upon fundamentally novel and innovative principles, distinct from other traditional Android handhelds. Featuring a refreshingly luxurious premium design and high-end craftsmanship, it achieves the slim form factor and refined quality feel of a flagship smartphone, ushering in a new era of premium Android gaming handhelds and leading global trends in the Android handheld market.




The AYANEO Pocket S breakthrough includes 6" 1440P ultra-retina IPS borderless mirror screen and a precision-crafted with CNC full-metal mid-frame, all within an impressively thin 14mm and lightweight 350g chassis. The Pocket S debuts with the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform, featuring a large-area VC thermal plate that delivers extraordinary performance up to 15W, supported by a 6000mAh high-density battery for long-lasting gameplay. The globally pioneering triple-mode vibration system, combined with the Master all-around control system, offers an immersive gaming experience. AYAHome and AYASpace software has been completely upgraded to provide gaming experiences far beyond traditional Android handheld consoles and gaming smartphones.



AYANEO CEO, Arthur Zhang, delivered a comprehensive presentation at the event, outlining AYANEO's brand development journey, its core philosophy, and innovative product concepts. He emphasized Japan's strategic importance in AYANEO's global market and expressed his delight in collaborating with Tenku.Co.,Ltd and Qualcomm to introduce the groundbreaking flagship Android handheld, AYANEO Pocket S, to Japan, a country with a rich gaming and handheld culture. He aimed to provide Japanese gamers with a revolutionary gaming experience.




Arthur Zhang extended his sincere gratitude to all partners for their unwavering support, particularly highlighting Tenku.Co.,Ltd as a close and long-term collaborator. AYANEO plans to leverage the potential of the Japanese market with Tenku.Co.,Ltd and Qualcomm, bringing more exceptional products to Japanese gamers, ensuring they enjoy the best products, services, and pure gaming enjoyment.



Mr. Takuro Yamada from Tenku.Co.,Ltd provided a detailed and comprehensive introduction and demonstration of the AYANEO Pocket S. The media attendees were captivated by its aesthetics, quality, and user experience. Mr. Takuro Yamada reiterated Tenku.Co.,Ltd's commitment to deepening its partnership with AYANEO, utilizing its influence and advantages in the Japanese market to bring the AYANEO Pocket S, and future exceptional AYANEO products, to Japenes gamers.



AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang engaged in interactive discussions with Tenku.Co.,Ltd and the attending media, providing detailed answers to their inquiries. Through collaboration with local Japanese media and sharing resources with e-commerce channels, Ayaneo's visibility and influence in the Japanese market are set to increase, enabling more local gamers to gain a deeper understanding of the AYANEO. This will also provide convenient, fast, and comprehensive channels for purchasing AYANEO 's innovative products.



The AYANEO event attracted prominent Japanese gaming media outlets, including IGN Japan, 4Gamer, PC Watch, and AKIBA PC Hotline. Several renowned media platforms, such as 4Gamer, Gamer, and GDM, covered the event, garnering significant attention from the Japanese gaming industry. In Japan, a market steeped in handheld gaming and gaming culture, the AYANEO Pocket S has received widespread acclaim and enthusiastic reception from both gamers and media, signifying genuine player recognition. AYANEO is committed to reciprocating this support with exceptional products and services for Japanese gamers.



The successful conclusion of the AYANEO Japan Brand Launch Event and AYANEO Pocket S Release Ceremony not only showcased the unique charm and groundbreaking experience of the AYANEO Pocket S to local Japanese media and gamers but also accelerated AYANEO 's expansion in the Japanese market. This achievement marks another milestone in AYANEO 's global influence. Looking ahead, AYANEO will continue to prioritize technological innovation and market expansion, fostering close partnerships with industry leaders to deliver more innovative products and exceptional services to gamers worldwide.




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