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AYANEO Pocket S Global Campaign is now on - AYANEO Branding Campaign and Pocket S Announcement Conference Successfully Held in Korea

On May 27th, 2024, in Seoul, Korea- AYANEO in partnership with Korean e-commerce giant Tmon, holds the AYANEO Event and Pocket S Launch Conference at the Seoul News Center.


This AYANEO Event invited media professionals to celebrate the unveiling of AYANEO Pocket S. The CEO of AYANEO, Arthur Zhang, attended the event and share his thoughts on AYANEO's brand philosophy and history, with Tmon, the partner of AYANEO, officially launching its first handheld in Korea. AYANEO Pocket S is the first high-end Android handheld device equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon G3x G2 gaming platform, bringing a premium Android handheld gaming experience to Korean gamers.




AYANEO is the Windows handheld brand born in 2020 and aims to bring the best gaming handheld device to worldwide gamers. AYANEO persists in the innovation of technology and development of products with the concept of "Real Gamers know gamers". Through years of development, AYANEO has now become a diversified brand of gaming devices, with a product range that covers Windows handhelds, Android handhelds, and Mini PCs. AYANEO achieves high recognition among global gamers and professional media based on its exclusive innovation, design, and technological accumulation, promoting the industry's innovation and development. AYANEO is highly recognized by worldwide gamers and professional media.




AYANEO Pocket S is the masterpiece made of innovative concepts and cutting-edge technologies of AYANEO. It releases gaming-grade performance with a slim and elegant design comparable to flagship phones with top-notch texture, establishes a new benchmark for Android handheld experience, and it is going to trigger a boom of Android handhelds device globally.




AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang introduced the product concept, design features and many highlights of Pocket S. He also said that AYANEO Pocket S is the first domestic handheld to be listed on Qualcomm's official website, and its outstanding features have left a deep impression on the media and gamers.




Korean e-commerce giant Tmon and Business Director Mr. Sun Bok Lee stated at the AYANEO conference that Tmon will deeply cooperate with AYANEO. Readily bring Pocket S to Korea market,, and prepare exclusive benefits for players, maximize the influence and competitive advantages of Tmon's e-commerce platform, create a excellent shopping experience for buyers, which will bring more AYANEO products to Korean customers.




The Pocket S debuts with the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform, featuring a large-area VC thermal plate that delivers extraordinary performance up to 15W, supported by a 6000mAh high-density battery for long-lasting gameplay. Its first-of-its-kind 6" 1440P ultra-retina IPS borderless mirror screen, coupled with CNC full-metal mid-frame, presents a new era of high-end luxury design language. The globally pioneering triple-mode vibration system, combined with the Master all-around control system, offers an immersive gaming experience. AYAHome and AYASpace software has been completely upgraded to provide gaming experiences far beyond traditional Android handheld consoles and gaming smartphones.




AYANEO's success depends on the support of all partners. The AYANEO Brand Event and AYANEO Pocket S Launch Event achieved a great success with the support of Qualcomm and Korean e-commerce giant Tmon, and Arthur Zhang, CEO of AYANEO, expressed his sincerest gratitude to all the partners at the event.




The CEO of AYANEO, Arthur Zhang, interviewed Tmon and the media at the conference with detailed replies to their concerns, stating that AYANEO chose to cooperate with Tmon based on deep trust, and believed that closer cooperation between us would bring the best products and services to Korean gamers.




AYANEO Event attracted a wide view of Korean media and gaming industry. More than 100 articles including major news agencies such as Yonhap, Newsis, News1, and major Korean publications such as《Maeil Business Daily》、《Financial News》、《E-Daily》、《MoneyToday》 etc. reported on this event. Major gaming media outlets such as Inven and Dice Game also posted the event on their homepages, drawing a great deal of attention from the gaming industry.




The AYANEO Korea Event marked an important step in AYANEO's global marketing strategy. Through in-depth cooperation with Qualcomm and other industry partners, AYANEO will let more gamers and media know about the Pocket S's charm and excellent experience. In the future, AYANEO will continue investing in technological innovation and market expansion to bring more surprises for world gamers.





AYANEO is a technology company dedicated to the innovative gaming devices, its products have won worldwide recognition for their excellent performance and outstanding user experience. Through constant innovation and collaboration with industry leaders, AYANEO is committed to bringing more outstanding new products to global gamers.



Qualcomm is the world's Leading wireless technology innovator, with unique products & solutions that play an important role in a variety of areas, including mobile communications, the Internet of Things and automotive electronics. Qualcomm Snapdragon is renowned within the industry for its powerful performance and low power consumption.



Tmon (Ticket Monster) is Korea's premier e-commerce platform which provides extensive products and services devoted towards a convenient shopping experience for its customers. Through the cooperation with AYANEO, Tmon will expand its product line and bring more choices of quality gaming devices to Korean consumers.





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