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AYANEO REMAKE Product Sharing Session: Multiple Retro Masterpieces Officially Unveiled

On May 18th, the highly anticipated AYANEO REMAKE product launch event officially began. AYANEO CEO Arthur brought multiple surprises to retro gaming enthusiasts, including the vertical handheld Pocket DMG, the horizontal handheld Pocket MICRO, the Starship Graphics Dock AG01, the mini PC Retro Mini PC AM01S, and the AIR 1S 8840U, presenting a splendid retro cultural feast for the players.



Retro sentiments are deeply rooted in the AYANEO brand's DNA, leading to the creation of the AYANEO REMAKE concept. Each product under this concept not only deeply integrates retro elements but also features industry-leading design and experience, reflecting AYANEO's love and tribute to retro culture.



After introducing the AYANEO SLIDE with a sliding full keyboard, the Retro Mini PC AM01 & AM02, the dual-screen flip handheld AYANEO FLIP DS, and the full keyboard handheld FLIP KB, the innovative product lineup based on the AYANEO REMAKE concept will undergo significant updates.





The AYANEO Pocket DMG is AYANEO's first vertical retro handheld, paying tribute to legendary vertical handhelds with its product concept and form. It features a globally retro design language combined with AYANEO's signature minimalist elegance, creating a unique and exquisite vertical retro handheld.



The Pocket DMG is designed to balance the overall size and grip comfort. The AYANEO team optimized the form factor for a vertical handheld.



The Pocket DMG has a chamfered body frame, with rounded corners at the bottom and a curved grip area on the back, all covered with high-end UV coating. This ergonomic design provides an unprecedented comfortable grip and lasting playability.



To offer an uncompromising screen experience, AYANEO partnered with the manufacturer to equip the Pocket DMG with a 3.92" OLED screen boasting a 1240x1080 resolution and 419 PPI, setting a new standard for vertical handheld screens.



With its high-resolution, vibrant OLED screen, retro games will appear more vivid and stunning on the AYANEO Pocket DMG.



Additionally, the Pocket DMG will be the first vertical handheld equipped with the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform, featuring a powerful active cooling system to unleash unprecedented performance, making it ideal for both retro games and high-performance mobile games.



In terms of controls, the Pocket DMG breaks away from the traditional inclusion of dual joysticks that often compromise user experience. Instead, it adopts an innovative left joystick + touchpad design, maintaining visual balance and simplicity on the front layout, providing a superior experience.



The left joystick meets most gaming and daily needs, while the larger, well-positioned touchpad caters to FPS game controls, enhancing both grip and control comfort.



The Pocket DMG's buttons also excel in performance, with shoulder buttons featuring a "coastline" design for an ergonomic fit. The retro-style roller key and other buttons are centrally located for easy access during gameplay.



The AYANEO Pocket DMG aims to be the ultimate vertical handheld, leading in design, quality, performance, and experience.





Alongside the Pocket DMG, AYANEO introduces the Pocket MICRO, a meticulously designed horizontal retro handheld that pays homage to classic pocket-sized handhelds. It features AYANEO's high-end design and craftsmanship.



The Pocket MICRO boasts a bezel-less full-screen design from AYANEO 2S and Pocket S, offering an unrivaled screen-to-body ratio and immersive gameplay.



AYANEO blends minimalist design with premium craftsmanship, equipping the Pocket MICRO with a CNC aluminum alloy frame for superior texture and comfort, making it the most aesthetically pleasing and finely crafted horizontal retro handheld.



Furthermore, the Pocket MICRO features a high-quality small screen, the same as the AYANEO FLIP DS, with a 960x640 resolution, providing a 4x pixel density of the GBA's 240x160 resolution for detailed, stretch-free visuals.



Meanwhile, the AYANEO Pocket MICRO is equipped with the powerful Helio G99 processor, delivering a perfect experience for playing 4X GBA games. With its 4X HD game graphics, the Pocket MICRO is set to provide the best overall experience for GBA gaming among small retro handheld consoles.



The AYANEO Pocket MICRO stands out with its unique design and craftsmanship, making it the best choice for a compact retro handheld.


AYANEO Starship Graphics Dock AG01



AYANEO continues to enhance the Windows handheld experience by catering to gamers' demands for extreme performance with the launch of the graphics dock series.



As its first series of graphics dock, AYANEO continues to pursue higher design and aesthetics, and incorporates strong brand culture and connotation into it. Representing the spirit of exploration of AYANEO, the AYANEO Starship series of graphics card docking stations was born to pay homage to the classical era of cosmic exploration and sci-fi.



The Starship Graphics Dock AG01, AYANEO's first graphics dock, embraces a design inspired by the romantic era of space exploration, blending high-end craftsmanship with powerful cooling for stable high-power output.



The AG01 features a personalized element with a custom exclusive nameplate and a "100% Performance Boost" RGB light ring, making it a desk setup masterpiece for gamers.



Equipped with the AMD Radeon™ RX 7600M XT mobile graphics card based on the RDNA 3 architecture, it delivers powerful performance and efficiency. The dock supports OCuLink or USB4 interfaces for superior gaming visuals and productivity.



The AYANEO AG01 will be the most versatile and feature-rich eGPU dock on the market, equipped with a wide range of high-speed interfaces including DP 2.0, HDMI 2.1, OCuLink, and USB4. Additionally, it supports tool-free expansion for M.2 2280 SSDs, maximizing its expandability.



It includes AYANEO-designed USB4 and OCuLink data cables for immediate use upon arrival.



The AYANEO AG01 Standard Edition will offer color options such as "Nebula Red" and "Cosmic Gray" for players to vote on. The final colors released will be determined by the players' choices.



The AYANEO Starship Graphics Dock AG01 sets a new benchmark for graphics docks, fulfilling gamers' ultimate performance needs.


AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01S



Following the success of the Retro Mini PC AM01, AYANEO introduces the upgraded Retro Mini PC AM01S, continuing its distinctive design while enhancing user experience.



The AM01S features a real screen with a first-of-its-kind flip design in the mini PC market, allowing for multi-angle adjustment to improve information viewing and interaction. The smart secondary screen offers performance data monitoring and performance mode adjustments, merging unique design with practical functionality.



The AM01S is equipped with the high-performance AMD Ryzen™ 8000HS series processor, a robust 65W dual-fan cooling system, dual USB4 ports, and dual 2.5G network ports, making it a top-tier mini PC for gaming and productivity.



The AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01S is a flagship product with a unique look and top-tier specifications, ideal for enthusiasts seeking both style and performance.


AYANEO AIR 1S 8840U Version



The AYANEO AIR 1S, powered by the AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U, meets gamers' needs for portability and powerful performance. The new AYANEO AIR 1S 8840U version continues this philosophy with further enhancements.



The AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U, with a 60% faster XDNA AI core compared to the 7840U, offers up to 16 TOPS of AI computing power with improved power efficiency.



The AYANEO AIR 1S 8840U version will be available in "Aurora White" and "Polar Black," along with a limited AYANEO AIR 1S x Eiyuden Chronicle edition.



AYANEO Retro Power Bank



The AYANEO Retro Power Bank, AYANEO's first retro-themed power bank, features a classic gaming device appearance and a compact size, replicating the nostalgic feel of retro digital products.



It includes a monochrome OLED screen displaying battery life and charging/discharging power. The 12000mAh high-density lithium battery, dual USB-C ports supporting simultaneous output, and 45W PD fast charging ensure compatibility with Windows handhelds and alleviate battery anxiety.



Player Co-Creation Plan


To thank players for their support, AYANEO will host the "AYANEO Pocket MICRO & Starship Graphics Dock AG01 Color Selection" voting event on Weibo, allowing players to decide the final colors.



The co-creation plan will be launched on Weibo @尾巴大叔. Players are encouraged to follow and participate.


Interpret Retro, Reshape Classic


The AYANEO REMAKE series products blend retro design elements with cutting-edge technology, allowing players to enjoy creative and convenient experiences while appreciating the unique charm of classic products and retro culture, and embodying AYANEO's innovative spirit.



The numerous retro products based on the AYANEO REMAKE concept serve as a bridge between the past and the future, offering players a time-traveling adventure. AYANEO looks forward to embarking on this journey with global players, exploring more possibilities in the gaming world together.


AYANEO Website: www.ayaneo.com 

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The Pocket DMG could be the ultimate vertical retro handheld, maybe the best of all time, but...
HOW (I mean really, just how?!) could you NOT include L2 and R2 shoulder buttons? Especially with those amazing specs. It even has an analogue stick but can't even fully play the PS1 library due to the lack of those second pair of shoulder buttons? But a massive missed opportuniy!

PrometheusIf you look closely at the renders it looks like there will be L2 & R2 buttons on the Pocket DMG. Also, for reference ETA Prime posted a video on YouTube where they show hands on with the device and you can see the trigger buttons a bit more clearly. I was really bummed when I heard the Pocket DMG wouldn’t have L2 & R2 but after seeing the engraving on the back with all four triggers I’m definitely going to try and buy one. You can faintly make them out in the picture

Harahoshi reply PrometheusYou're right, it looks like the L2/R2 will have a rocker switch, or rather share the bar between them. The missing 2nd analog stick is the only part that trips me up, it's powerful enough to rival most of the top handhelds available but it's missing a joystick and limits what will be playable. I'm personally invested in the Micro, which will be a definite pre-order for me.

henry7madsen reply HarahoshiThe touch pad acts as a second stick, it’s not as good as a full one but if it’s as good as the steam deck touch pad it would still be passable

I gotta agree with "l0rdelan" here. The DMG Pocket could be the one device to destroy the rest, but what good is all that raw power when it's missing the "L2 and R2" buttons/triggers and the 2nd analog stick? The ideal scenario here is being able to play up to PS2 and GC in the vertical form factor, the DMG Pocket has enough power to do so (probably the only vertical handheld), but just not enough controls? That's a weird drawback to have, please fix this!

HarahoshiGotta look close but the silver bar between the L 1/R1 will be the L2/R2. the lettering is engraved, almost on top of each other.

Any idea on the price for the pocket dmg?