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Official Release of AYANEO Pocket S, High-End Flagship Android Handheld Featuring the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform

AYANEO Pocket S, the high-end flagship Android handheld console equipped with the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform, was officially launched on April 26th. Representing the culmination of AYANEO's innovative concepts and technology, the Pocket S sets a new benchmark for Android handheld gaming experiences with its sleek and elegant design reminiscent of flagship smartphones and top-tier performance.



The Pocket S debuts with the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform, featuring a large-area VC thermal plate that delivers extraordinary performance up to 15W, supported by a 6000mAh high-density battery for long-lasting gameplay. Its first-of-its-kind 6" 1440P ultra-retina IPS borderless mirror screen, coupled with CNC full-metal mid-frame, presents a new era of high-end luxury design language. The globally pioneering triple-mode vibration system, combined with the Master all-around control system, offers an immersive gaming experience. AYAHome and AYASpace software has been completely upgraded to provide gaming experiences far beyond traditional Android handheld consoles and gaming smartphones.



The AYANEO Pocket S 1440P Advance Edition is priced starting at $439, while the 1080P Edition starts at $399, with shipments scheduled to begin in mid-May and late June respectively.


Concept Innovation, Comprehensive Breakthrough


The AYANEO Pocket S breaks the conventional product concept of Android handheld consoles by drawing inspiration from flagship smartphones known for their industrial design and high-end craftsmanship. It achieves an elegant appearance and top-notch texture with its ultra-thin design and high-end craftsmanship, bringing a super-thin and high-energy experience to Android handheld gaming.



The King of 15W Performance, Multi-mode Quick Switching


The high-energy experience stems from a powerful chip. AYANEO has always aimed for ultimate performance, thus choosing to collaborate closely with Qualcomm Technologies on the Pocket S, creating the most powerful and pure gaming handheld console for players.



The Pocket S is the world's first flagship Android handheld console to feature the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform. Empowered by this strong chip, the Pocket S bursts with peak performance.



The Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform features a new 1+4+3 8-core Kryo CPU architecture and Adreno™ A32 GPU, with the CPU's large core clock reaching up to 3.36GHz and the GPU's core clock reaching up to 1GHz, making it the most powerful among current Android handheld consoles.



With its new process technology and architecture, the CPU performance is more than 30% higher than the previous generation, and the GPU performance is doubled, far exceeding the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform from the same lineage.



As a chip born for handheld consoles, the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform can achieve a maximum continuous performance output of 15W. Coupled with passive and active cooling systems, its performance ceiling and endurance far surpass traditional Android handheld consoles and gaming smartphones.



Thanks to its powerful chip and excellent heat dissipation, the AYANEO Pocket S can achieve a maximum score of over 169W+ in Antutu comprehensive running points, exceeding similar handheld consoles by more than 10%; in the 3DMark Wild Life Extreme test, it can break through 4300+ points, surpassing similar handheld consoles by more than 15%.



With LPDDR5X 8533Mbps high-frequency memory and up to UFS 4.0 flash memory, the AYANEO Pocket S delivers extraordinary performance that is difficult for ordinary Android handheld consoles to achieve. The 16GB+1TB top configuration further improves read and write speeds and multitasking capabilities, allowing for easy installation of massive games and apps.



The Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform shares the same process technology and architecture design as the well-known Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform, thus possessing excellent game compatibility. Players can enjoy playing Android mobile games and retro games on the AYANEO Pocket S with ease.



With extraordinary performance and powerful heat dissipation, the AYANEO Pocket S can easily conquer today's mainstream large-scale RPG games and heavily loaded 3D turn-based games. Native 1440P resolution can also run at 60FPS, unlocking a smoother and clearer gaming experience.



For players with different needs, the AYANEO Pocket S offers a one-click Turbo function, supporting three performance modes: "Full Power," "Game Mode," and "Balanced Mode," accurately matching the performance requirements of different types of games.



On the AYANEO Pocket S, players can quickly switch performance modes with the Turbo key located on the right side of the body, or call out the AYASpace quick setting window for switching. The switching process adds cool animation effects, making it convenient for players to distinguish the specific mode they are switching to.



Dragon Tamer, Stable High Energy


The AYANEO Pocket S provides powerful heat dissipation support for the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform within its lightweight and thin body. It introduces the flagship smartphone-standard VC thermal plate technology, with a VC area exceeding 5180mm² and heat sink fin area exceeding 7053mm², coupled with active air cooling, significantly improving thermal conductivity.



As a super-thin Android handheld console, the AYANEO Pocket S achieves stable output of 15W esports-level performance with innovative heat dissipation structure, ensuring good thermal control performance and smooth gaming experience, marking a significant breakthrough in the field of Android handheld consoles.



High-end Luxury Design, Leading Fashion Trend


With its unique aesthetic concept, AYANEO continuously innovates and breaks through in handheld console design. The Pocket S adopts an elegant design style and innovative use of material craftsmanship, comparable to flagship smartphones, and introduces a new high-end luxury design language, creating an unprecedented top-tier texture for Android handheld consoles.



The AYANEO Pocket S is not only powerful but also exquisite and portable, with overall dimensions of 213.9 x 85 x 14mm. With a thickness of 14mm, it rivals the closed thickness of mainstream foldable smartphones. Weighing only 350g, it is a light burden in your pocket, providing a better carrying experience than mainstream gaming handheld consoles.



Lighter and Stronger, the AYANEO Pocket S introduces a CNC aluminum alloy mid-frame, with precise CNC craftsmanship outlining simple and concise body lines and design order. It not only brings stunning luxury visual effects but also effectively enhances the body's strength, allowing players to play with peace of mind in different scenarios.



The CNC process polishes the edges of the AYANEO Pocket S's frame with micro-arc chamfers, making it comfortable to hold. The "fishbone" carved bio-inspired design creates air outlets that are elegant and practical.



Finally, the sandblasting + anodizing process adds a more delicate texture to the aluminum alloy frame, while further improving scratch resistance.



The AYANEO Pocket S continues the use of high-end craftsmanship, offering two classic color options: "Obsidian Black" and "Ice Soul White," giving AYANEO's minimalist design a new interpretation.



The deep blue frame and pure black mirror screen of "Obsidian Black" exude depth, while the silver frame and metallic texture of "Ice Soul White" create a contrasting visual experience of virtuality and reality. The minimalist aesthetic design shines brightly in these two color options.



The AYANEO Pocket S features crystal-textured D-pad and ABXY buttons, echoing the exquisite luxury design of the body, while bringing tactile feedback that feels comfortable. The 2.5D toughened glass covers the entire front panel, presenting a seamless and unified visual experience, while further enhancing the screen's resistance to scratches and impacts.



Stunning Borderless Full-Screen, Full Marks


AYANEO continues to delve deep into the handheld screen field, leading the way with the Pocket S 1440P Pioneer Edition, introducing for the first time a 6" 1440P IPS borderless mirror screen for Android handhelds, fully covered with high-transparency curved glass, bringing players a pure and exquisite screen aesthetic.



The screen quality of the AYANEO Pocket S 1440P Advance Edition still leads the pack, with the 1440P resolution bringing 490PPI and top-notch industry-standard screen color and brightness performance, combined with the ultra-high screen-to-body ratio of the borderless full-screen, presenting players with an immersive and high-definition gaming visual experience.



In games that natively support 1440P resolution, the AYANEO Pocket S 1440P Advance Edition boasts ultra-clear visual effects that are unmatched by other handheld devices in its class.



At the same time, to meet the needs of players who prioritize battery life, AYANEO Pocket S also synchronously releases the 1080P IPS original color screen version. This screen is still the industry-leading screen adhered to by AYANEO, balancing stunning display effects with longer gaming battery life.



Innovative Protective Shell, Innovative Experience


To optimize the holding experience for the ultra-thin body, AYANEO Pocket S makes comprehensive optimizations to ensure outstanding holding comfort for the entire device.



Based on this, the AYANEO Pocket S also provides an integrated ultra-thin skin-feel protective shell, crafted with high-quality materials and processes, innovatively incorporating ergonomic grips to provide a comfortable hand feel that fits the palm, and offering protective shell color options that match the device.



The weight of this protective shell is around 31g, and even after use, it maintains a thin and light experience. Precise openings provide comprehensive protection for the AYANEO Pocket S and a better long-term holding experience.



The AYANEO Pocket S ultra-light skin-feeling protective case is priced at $9.9.


AYANEO Pocket S also offers another two-in-one magnetic protective case, featuring an innovative magnetic split design, using higher-cost materials, the screen protective cover and the body ergonomic protective shell can be freely separated, allowing players to use them as needed.



The AYANEO Pocket S two-in-one magnetic cover protective case is priced at $33.5.


World's First Triple-Mode Vibration, Sensation Covers More Games


The AYANEO Pocket S inherits AYANEO's self-developed black technology and remains the exclusive Android handheld device supporting triple-mode vibration technology, including body native vibration, SoundTAPMagic audio vibration, and XInput protocol gamepad vibration.



The AYANEO Pocket S gamepad can be directly recognized as an Xbox gamepad in most games, defaulting to Xbox button mappings, supporting Xbox gamepad vibration, and also adding a Home button, significantly enhancing the experience of streaming games and cloud gaming.



With the support of the triple-mode vibration function, the AYANEO Pocket S equipped with dual X-axis linear motors can provide players with immersive and lifelike vibrations that follow scene changes in Android mobile games, retro games, and streaming/cloud games.



"No Feeling" Button Mapping, Master-level Control Experience


The AYANEO Pocket S comes factory-equipped with "No Feeling" button mapping, requiring no installation of third-party software, simply summoning the AYASpace quick setting window to make adjustments.



The transparency of the "No Feeling" button mapping function can be directly set to complete transparency, providing an immersive, unobstructed screen; it can also map the right joystick, enhancing the experience of moving the viewpoint in games.



Moreover, the customization level of the button configuration schemes of this function is very high, making it extremely convenient for players.



The "No Feeling" button mapping function can help players achieve higher moments of excellence in large-scale RPG games and popular MOBA games with easier gamepad operations, enjoying the flexible and immersive pleasure of gamepad control.



The AYANEO Pocket S still comes standard with RGB Hall joysticks and triggers, as well as the Master controller with eight functions; the D-pad, ABXY buttons, and shoulder buttons are all softer conductive rubber buttons, making it truly the leader in Android handheld game control.



Long-lasting Endurance, High-speed Transmission


The AYANEO Pocket S is equipped with a 6000mAh high-density large battery in its lightweight body, surpassing the battery capacity of mainstream flagship smartphones; it supports mainstream PD fast charging, providing players with peace of mind for battery life.



In terms of data transmission, the AYANEO Pocket S has a built-in SD 3.0 level Micro SD card slot, as well as a full-function USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C interface, using corresponding specifications of data cables can import games faster, and supports DP 1.4 video projection.



The AYANEO Pocket S is also the first AYANEO handheld device to support the Wi-Fi 7 protocol, with a theoretical maximum speed of up to 30Gbps, further improving latency and transmission stability, coupled with Bluetooth 5.3 technology with lower latency and stronger anti-interference performance, providing a smoother experience for streaming games and cloud gaming.



Major Software Upgrade, Significant Experience Improvement


In terms of Android handheld software experience, AYANEO continues to optimize and iterate. On the AYANEO Pocket S, the self-developed desktop launcher AYAHome has undergone multiple functional upgrades, adding practical functions such as free layout, application sorting, application hiding, wallpaper customization, and folders.


Free layout: Icon styles and Banner styles. The icon style is simple and beautiful, allowing for adjusting icon size, display columns, and icon corners as desired; each application in Banner style has exclusive backgrounds and wallpapers.

Application sorting: Rich sorting methods, including "Custom Sorting" which allows for freely changing the position of applications through dragging or gamepad operations.

Application hiding: Centrally manage apps that are not frequently used or occasionally used.

Wallpaper customization: Application wallpaper and global wallpaper, set any wallpaper, change themes freely.

Desktop folders: Create folders to classify similar apps or frequently used apps flexibly for daily gaming and use.


Note: The above feature displays do not represent the final effect, and subsequent OTA upgrades will support it. Please refer to the actual online situation.



AYANEO's signature self-developed software AYASpace is also continuously upgraded to optimize functions and experiences. AYASpace previously exclusively achieved game list compatibility for two major retro game frontends, Pegasus and ES. The AYANEO team will soon open up custom import functions, allowing for import of individual machine types.



In addition, a brand-new online game data scraping function will also be launched soon. In the first phase, users can choose foreign data sources for scraping, and in the future, AYANEO's self-built Chinese data sources will be opened.



The new features of AYAHome and AYASpace will be pushed through updates to support the AYANEO Pocket AIR in the future.



AYANEO Pocket S Exclusive Accessories


A complete accessory ecosystem provides comprehensive and meticulous protection for the AYANEO Pocket S.



AYANEO Pocket S Configuration Combinations and Prices


The AYANEO Pocket S 1440P Advance Edition starts at a pre-sale price of $439. Detailed configuration combinations and prices are as follows (limited quantity).



The AYANEO Pocket S 1080P version starts at a pre-sale price of $399. Detailed configuration combinations and prices are as follows.



The 1440P Advance Edition is expected to start shipping in mid-May according to order sequence, while the 1080P version is expected to start shipping at the end of June.



Setting a New Benchmark for Android Handheld Flagships


The AYANEO Pocket S, which brings together numerous cutting-edge innovative technologies, has excellently achieved the innovative breakthrough of "design aesthetics benchmarking flagship smartphones, gaming experience surpassing traditional Android handhelds and gaming phones," bringing players a comprehensive leap in high-quality Android handheld gaming experience.



The release of the AYANEO Pocket S marks the true shift of the Android handheld device category towards refinement and high-end. In the future, AYANEO will continue to lead industry progress, continuously bringing more surprises to the handheld gaming market, and explore the wonderful world of games together with players.



Website: https://ayaneo.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/h6gcAqF3q2

IGG Campaign: https://www.ayaneo.com/igg/PocketS

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