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From $299, the cost-effective choice AYANEO NEXT LITE subscriptions open

On January 11th (EST), the all-new, highly cost-effective option, AYANEO NEXT LITE, subscriptions open 9:30 PM EST, 1/11/2024, starting at $299.



AYANEO NEXT LITE is a value-for-money product that inherits the high-end design and texture of the flagship AYANEO NEXT, further lowering the entry barrier for X86 handheld gaming devices. This ensures the widespread adoption of leading features of high-end flagships, providing an upgraded gaming experience for more players to enjoy immersive and smooth gaming experiences.



Pre-installed HoloISO


AYANEO NEXT LITE, featuring the HoloISO system, optimized and compatible by the official AYANEO team. The streamlined and efficient HoloISO offers players convenient game management, smooth and stable game performance, lower overall power consumption, and native compatibility with controllers and touchscreen operations, aligning with the habits of handheld gaming.



For users with other needs, they have the option to install the Windows operating system. Installation tutorials and required driver files will be available on the AYANEO official website.


"Explore" Design Language


AYANEO NEXT LITE continues the unique "Explore" design language, featuring a minimalist body with elegant curved transitions and advanced UV spray technology. The graceful appearance and top-notch texture provide players with a visual and tactile experience beyond products in the same category.



AYANEO was the first to introduce vibrant colors to Windows handheld gaming, offering three stylish colors – "Jet Black," "Pastel Blue," and "Bright White" – with contrasting design accents. The aesthetic appeal remains at the forefront of Windows handheld gaming.




Comfortable "NEXT Grip"


AYANEO has been a pioneer in prioritizing grip experience for Windows handheld gaming, introducing the innovative "NEXT Grip" experience with the previous AYANEO NEXT. AYANEO NEXT LITE continues the excellent ergonomic design, meticulously crafting the handle curves to naturally fit the palm's contours, ensuring a comfortable grip even for larger devices.



7" 800P High-Brightness Screen


AYANEO NEXT LITE features a 7-inch 800P high-brightness wide-color-gamut IPS screen. The industry-leading color and brightness performance, coupled with the 800P resolution matching common gaming resolutions, delivers a finer and more immersive display while maintaining smooth and efficient AAA gaming experiences.



Dual Value Processor Options


AYANEO NEXT LITE is equipped with the high-performance AMD Ryzen™ 5 4500U and AMD Ryzen™ 7 4800U processors. It comes with a custom dual-copper-pipe and large-sized PC-grade turbofan cooling system, significantly enhancing overall heat dissipation, ensuring stable and smooth operation during gaming and daily use.



High Precision Hall Sensing Big Joystick + Hall Triggers


As a cost-effective choice, AYANEO NEXT LITE is equipped with the high-end Hall sensing big joystick, a first-of-its-kind application in its category. The innovative electromagnetic sensing structure provides a joystick control experience with no drift, no dead zones, high precision, and a long lifespan.



Similarly, the Hall triggers, based on electromagnetic sensing technology, continue to offer players a throttle-level micro-meter-long stroke experience. In addition, AYANEO's exclusive Master versatile controller delivers a professional gaming controller experience to players.



Outstanding Overall Experience


In terms of other experiences, AYANEO NEXT LITE is equipped with a 47Wh large battery, supporting up to 60W PD fast charging. Thanks to the 800P screen and the more efficient HoloISO, gaming endurance will be further improved.



In terms of interface configuration, AYANEO NEXT LITE features 3 USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C interfaces, supporting a maximum transfer rate of 10Gbps, with 2 of them being full-featured interfaces that additionally support PD fast charging and DP 1.4 video output.



AYANEO NEXT LITE has a built-in M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0 interface, supporting a maximum 8TB SSD. It also supports WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity, ensuring a stable and enjoyable experience for online gaming and external controller play.



We appreciate the continuous support from our players, and we will continue to create top-notch products for everyone to fully enjoy the boundless fun of the gaming world.


Feel free to visit the AYANEO official website for more information. Official Website: https://ayaneo.com/


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How can we pre-order this device?!?! I'm very interested and would love for this to be my first Aya Neo device. Please contact me!


Cuando estara a la venta?


I do not see how to buy the aya neo next light on yalls website

Hi, looking for a way for subscription…

Like all Ayaneo products, they will go up on Indigogo when it's ready for pre-order.

I ordered mine on Feb 16th. When do they start shipping?