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The Reason For Creating AYANEO KUN & My Thoughts On Large-screen Gaming Handhelds



Hello gamers,let's talk about why AYANEO KUN was born and my thoughts on big screen gaming handheld devices. 


In the past, AYANEO launched the world's first AMD gaming handheld, using a 7" screen, which is the mainstream size of modern gaming handheld devices. The Nintendo Switch OLED is this size, and the 800P screen specification we chose was also recognized on Steam Deck last year. It met the requirements for smooth peer-to-peer operation of AAA games. 


Last year, we also launched the innovative AYANEO AIR series of products, combining an ultra-thin and light Windows gaming handheld with a 5.5' OLED screen to bring a portable experience to the X86 platform. 


The AIR Plus series also provides a 6" screen option for gaming handheld players seeking balance. Based on this, we have completed the layout of the three common screen sizes of 5.5", 6", and 7", providing users with a variety of choices. 


In these two years, we have also received requests from some users, hoping that AYANEO will launch a large screen gaming handheld.


In fact, for me, I probably started considering the product definition of a large screen gaming handheld at the end of the year before. However, the product definition of NEXT 2 is slightly earlier than KUN, so many of the product features of KUN and NEXT 2 are thought intertwined. I have said that KUN is the early implementation of NEXT 2's innovative and explorative spirit. This is because after thinking about NEXT 2's product definition and spending time verifying it, quite a few concepts were released directly to KUN.



However, for KUN, after all, it is a product line for the top flagship large-screen gaming handheld. It's not the same as NEXT 2's exclusive conceptual product. It also needs to have more practical significance, so I experienced these thoughts throughout the process:


1. Is there really a demand for large-screen gaming handheld devices?


Windows handheld devices are a market segment. The characteristics of the market segment are that consumer demand is eccentric. Some people like small sizes, others like large sizes, others like straight boards, and others like keyboards.


Windows gaming handhelds with large screens have also been introduced in the industry, and the initial verification of user needs has also passed.


Some friends will say, why don't you just focus on launching a model to get more users like Steam?


I've explained this quite a few times. We're not the same as Steam. It has a traffic platform where you can launch a individual SKU and use traffic advantages to gain customers. Instead, you need to reduce the user's decision costs, and you can't launch too many SKUs. However, the Windows gaming handheld brand mainly attracts users with hardware products. If there is only a single product form and the number of users cannot be increased, it may only stay in a small circle to maintain a relatively small sales volume. Instead,if we launch various types of products within the company's capabilities, it can reduce the company's risk and acquire more users.


2. What are the usage scenarios for large-screen gaming handheld devices?


I once proposed a concept called a “semi-mobile scene”, similar to the sofa in the living room, bedside in the bedroom, camping area, etc. These scenes are not limited by power supply, can be easily connected to a power source (or large portable power supply), and when I'm in these scenes, I often have higher requirements for picture quality and game effects, but I don't want to turn on the TV or computer to play, because the sense of ceremony is too strong and the process is slightly long. If you have a large screen handheld device that doesn't have that much of a size requirement, it would be more appropriate; you can also rely on a sofa to distribute the weight of the large screen gaming handheld through the support position.


So the requirements I defined for large screen gaming handhelds were mainly for use in “semi-mobile scenes”.


Of course, some friends can also carry large screen gaming handheld, but battery life issues need to be solved properly. I'll explain this later.


3. How should the screen of a large-screen handheld be defined?



I think since it's called a gaming handheld, it still needs to have an upper limit in terms of size. Some friends speculate whether the KUN will be a 10" or larger gaming handheld. At least for now, I think a screen larger than 10" may not be suitable for a pure gaming handheld, so the size of the KUN is between 7" and 10".


Within this size range, we have these options: 8 ", 8.4", 8.9 "and some screens between 9" and 10 ".


First, we need to perform multiple ID and structural verifications based on each size to find the right size. After all, the grip is important, and being too big can be exaggerated, so basically the selection range is limited to 2-3 type of sizes.


Second, after investigating screen resources on the market, we found that the overall performance of some screen sizes, including parameters, was poor, while the market for some screen sizes was already scarce, supply was unstable, and shipments were mixed, so we finally eliminated some alternatives and finally chose a screen with good color performance.



Like AYANEO 2, we will spend money to optimize the color, brightness, and other parameters of this screen twice to make it unique. There is no screen with the same performance on the market, and we will try to bring fans the best experience on a screen of the same size.


So the final answer is obvious. KUN has a screen that probably performs the best in the same size. It's not too exaggerated, and it can balance the excellent grip.



4. How to make a good gaming handheld with a large screen?




(1) Although it will be affected by the size of the screen, I think the beauty of the design is still the first thing that needs to be considered in large-screen gaming handhelds. After more than a year of effort, KUN has a beautiful design that traditional large-screen gaming handheld did not have. The rigid impression of some large-screen gaming handhelds in the past will be completely changed by KUN. We hope that users will continue to enjoy the first-class experience brought by AYANEO's design aesthetics on KUN.



(2) Although it has an excellent ID design, KUN will also surprise you in terms of feel, because over a year, we not only worked on its appearance, but also continuously optimized its grip. Unlike the AYANEO 2 baby sleeping grip, we designed a new grip shape for KUN to provide a feel that is truly not inferior to traditional big controllers. At the same time, we have carefully laid out the whole machine so that the weight of the entire fuselage can be distributed more evenly.





(3) Referring to the feel, I also need to share one concept in particular, which is “control”. For KUN, the operation of such a larger gaming handheld should be closer to a traditional controller. On KUN, you can see AYANEO's exclusive Hall joystick in the Windows gaming handhelds, as well as larger buttons and more advanced technology compared to the past, which is no less than the overall control experience of a big controller.




(4) Since it is a big screen, the visual impact that the screen brings to the user must be sufficient. As mentioned earlier, screen optimization is essential. I also bought some large-screen gaming handhelds myself, and was finally discouraged by their screen performance, which wasted the original intention of the big screen. Within the same size, KUN offers the best performing screen possible.



(5) In terms of performance, KUN is definitely the top one. We have planned the next generation of AMD 7000 series CPUs for it to ensure that it brings users the best performance as soon as possible.



(6) In addition to the appearance, feel, and performance, I think another feature is very important for Windows gaming handhelds. That is the battery life issue that we are all very concerned about. We have equipped the KUN with a battery with the highest capacity so far. Yes, you can enjoy the longest battery life on the KUN.




(7) The reason why KUN is the culmination is because in addition to the basic features of the gaming handheld described above, we have equipped KUN with enough new features, and some of the new features may have appeared for the first time on a Windows gaming handheld. These features are sufficient to support KUN's unique position. Of course, we'll gradually reveal these features to you later.



As a large screen gaming handheld positioned as a top flagship, AYANEO KUN has almost all the characteristics we can imagine of a flagship product. The appearance, feel, function, and even craftsmanship will meet the definition of a “fine product.” In the near future, we will gradually release new features of KUN, and welcome all players to join us to witness how a perfect large-screen gaming handheld was created.


Arthur  Zhang



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