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Arthur's AYANEO 2021 Crowdfunding Summary

Long time no see. Today is a special day. We just went through a week of working from home in Shenzhen. The good news is that we can go to the company to work normally tomorrow.


In the past two months, my team and I have been busy with the AYANEO NEXT product, which I think many of my friends already know, it is our new Windows handheld. It has many upgrades over the AYANEO 2021 model.We have also started a new crowdfunding campaign at IGG.



A few friends may not understand why we have launched new products in such a short period of time. I would like to explain to you.


After I took over the AYANEO brand last year, I spent a lot of time to solve the problems left over from the past. I believe that friends who follow this project are already familiar with the efforts we have made in this process. That's right, at AYANEO 2021 we almost redesigned and built a new handheld.



Due to operating costs, service and after-sales costs, the company has not achieved profitability on AYANEO 2021 series of products, and even has a certain loss. Of course, this was a decision we made even after we predicted it at the time. As a new brand, we are happy to provide you with the best products and services.


From the perspective of a business company, my responsibility as CEO is to make sure that the company is profitable and healthy, and that launching a new product or service is the only way the company can generate revenue. So after I took over the company, I solved some problems of AYANEO 2021 and started to prepare the products of AYANEO NEXT series.


During this period, due to too many problems left over from the past, coupled with the well-known chip shortages and mold factory problems last year, the delivery of AYANEO 2021 was a few months later than expected, causing the NEXT release interval AYANEO 2021 shipments time is too short.



For the users of AYANEO 2021, we have always tried our best to provide the best services, including providing free upgrade services for crowdfunding users at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as providing services such as gifts of accessories and vouchers. The purpose is to thank you for your continuous support. 


When we cross 2021 and summarize the year's harvest, I am proud to see that AYANEO has fans who really support it, and we have sold nearly 10,000 units worldwide, despite the difficulties in this process. , but we did it perfectly.



Today's Update is a summary. After the Chinese New Year in 2022, we are still serving the crowdfunding activities of AYANEO 2021. I would like to share with you the summary of the crowdfunding activities:


  1. All crowdfunded AYANEO 2021 and AYANEO 2021 PRO orders have been fulfilled.
  2. The docking station and related accessories such as Retro storage bags are also issued.
  3. All the vouchers we promised to IGG supporters were also issued.
  4. Due to the account problems of a few friends, there are still 20 friends whose grip refunds have not been completed. Please contact customer service for those who have not completed the grip refunds.
  5. We continue to provide excellent after-sales service for all crowdfunding users during this process. If you have any questions, please contact customer service Email:



As a brand new company, my dream is to design the best Windows handheld for handheld gamers all over the world, and although AYANEO is only two years old and the competition is fierce, I am still lucky to be part of this process. The AYANEO 2021 series received very high reviews from the media and users.



Linus commented on AYANEO 2021 Pro on Youtube channel: “This is my favorite gaming device right now. Period.”

This is the highest rating for a brand and its CEO.



On Youtube and Discord, we can also see the recognition of the AYANEO 2021 series by many ordinary users.


Linus also gave AYANEO NEXT a good review, here is his unboxing video:


There are two media that I have always recognized and read, GBATEMP and THE VERGE:


These two articles introduce AYANEO NEXT in detail, and even compared it with Steam Deck, and gave a great review.



Although the focus of our recent work is AYANEO NEXT, this does not mean that we have forgotten the users of the AYANEO 2021 series. I have observed that most of the users of AYANEO 2021 are enjoying their game time. I am very happy that AYANEO can accompany everyone in Those excellent in-game adventures, and our company is still providing services for AYANEO 2021, and will provide more software services for AYANEO 2021 users based on AYA Space in the future.

Looking back on 2021, I have never regretted my relationship with the AYANEO brand, and I'm even thinking about how sorry I would be if I hadn't acquired AYANEO.

Being able to design an excellent handheld for everyone is the most fulfilling thing for me. There will be more AYANEO products in the future, but the same thing is that they are all designed by a group of players for you.



AYANEO NEXT crowdfunding link:


AYANEO official website:


AYANEO Discord:


AYANEO Youtube:





Arthur Zhang


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