AYA Space Beta Product release notes(International)

Thanks to the players of AYANEO for their long-term support to our team, and also thank the players for their enthusiasm for AYA Space. In order to create a better Windows handheld experience and enhance the gaming experience, we developed this AYA Space handheld software. Here is a brief introduction to the core functions and common problems of our product.

Beta Version:V1.0.1.123

For a better user experience, please make sure that your AYANEO has installed the following software and firmware:

1)AMD Radeon Software 21.9.2

(Pay special attention, if you have a 6.1 / 6.2 driver, you must upgrade. This version of the driver has a bug with the resolution of the screen. );


2)AYA NEO V109 Controller firmware;


Core function and description



「AYA ID」 It will accompany you to use the AYANEO related software and services that have been launched and will be launched in the future. It will be an important account for you to travel at AYANEO. International players support mobile phone number registration. In the future, it will support email, Facebook, Google registration.。


2)Games management

AYA Space Through self-developed product algorithms and original interactive experience, we will integrate and organize your local private games from Steam, Xbox, etc., and your local private games, unified interface management, and interaction more in line with your accustomed experience. Pick up your handheld immediately. Start your game.

Currently supports management platforms: Steam, Xbox, and will continue to support: Epic, GOG, EA Play, Wegame;


3)AYA QuickTool

「AYA QuickTool」Super convenient functions designed and developed by our team for you who love games. Everything is developed with "fast", "convenient" and "easy to use" as the research and development goals. I hope that during the time you play the game, you can better focus on the game without orderly tossing.

「Quicktool」It is the first product interaction and function created by the AYA Space product team on the Windows handheld. Through the interaction with the "KB" key, you can complete operations that were not possible before in the game. All of this is due to the combination of software and hardware in AYA NEO. The extraordinary experience you bring.

In the full-screen state of the software, press "KB" to minimize the software interface, which is convenient for you to switch to the Windows system usage scenario; long press the "KB" key to maximize the software again and enter your game space; after starting the game, Press the "KB" button at any time to open the "Quick Setup Window", and you will experience a familiar handheld operation experience. In the future, the AYA Space team will continue to expand the team, and OTA will have more functions, so stay tuned.