Explore the infinite possibilities of your handheld device

AYASpace tailors the gaming space for gamers, giving them a more user-friendly handheld gaming experience

Tighter control integration for handheld

Say goodbye to the mouse, keyboard and tedious mapping software. AYA Space can be operated directly with a controller, which is intuitive and easy to use. Exclusive optimization algorithms and sound effects are implemented to bring smooth and pleasant operation.

One Touch
Instant Use

AYA Quick Tool provides a more optimal gaming experience, which simplifies certain operations that are typically not accessible to non-advanced users.

Toggle between different power
profiles with one button

We have defined three power profiles by default and added one custom profile, which can be adjusted by the user to suit their needs.

Quick Tool Widgets

A variety of shortcuts can be set up, and the user can customize the position of these widgets to fit their use case.

Free management space for players

The Games covers the import of games from Steam, Xbox Live and other platforms. With the help of AI algorithms, intelligent game recognition can be realized, which is convenient for players to manage games across platforms.

*In the future, we plan to support interfacing with Epic, Ubisoft and other game platforms.

System Status
Precise Customization

The Assistant section supports viewing the real-time status of the system and device information. It is equipped with original AYA Evo function, which supports custom vibration adjustment, as well as other optimizations for your gaming experience.

One-click Access

While AYASpace is running, you can easily access the Quick Tool with just one button, and easily view real-time system information and conveniently access your customizations.