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How to flash AMD 7840U 7500Mhz BIOS

1. Notes on flashing [Must-see! ! ! ]:


  1. When flashing the AMD 7840U 7500Mhz BIOS file, it needs to be plugged in. If it is disconnected halfway, it will cause a black screen and fail to boot.
  2. During flashing the AMD 7840U 7500Mhz BIOS file, make sure that the U disk is stable and cannot be loosened. If it is interrupted in the middle, it will cause a black screen and fail to boot.
  3. Flashing is risky, please operate with caution.


  • After the AMD 7840U 7500Mhz BIOS file is flashed, the maximum memory speed will increase.


2.the prerequisites for flashing:


1. Prepare a U disk in FAT32 format. and put the upgrade file in.



2. Click download on the AYANEO official website, select AMD 7840U 7500Mhz BIOS to download;


Download page link (click on the right side): 



3.First, extract the [AMD 7840U 7500MHZ file] file



3、 Start brushing the machine


1. Press the power button, then press [volume +] + [LC key] + [power key] at the same time or press F7 directly on the keyboard to enter the menu and select the U disk to start (we take AYANEO 2S as an example);


BIOS interface operation tutorial (click on the right, same as AYANEO 2):>>>How do I access the BIOS interface of AYANEO 2<<<



2.The interface shown in the figure appears after the option is booted from the USB flash drive,




3. After the AMD 7840U 7500Mhz BIOS update is completed, a yellow [fs3:\] logo will be displayed at the bottom, which means the update has been completed;

After standing for 5-10 minutes, the device will automatically restart, and restart to enter the Windows interface to complete the update



After the first update of the AMD 7840U 7500Mhz BIOS, the black screen takes a long time just after booting up. Players don’t need to worry, just wait for 5-10 minutes to enter the Windows interface normally;


So far the AMD 7840U 7500Mhz upgrade is complete!







August 24, 2023

AYANEO Software Team




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Muchas gracias!! 🙏

I have seen that in the last two updates of Ayaneo Space 2, in some moments during the game, the game close unexpectedly, suddenly. I have checked that installed an older version of Ayaspace 2, it does not happen. You should check it as there is surely a bug.

May I know where are those files? I can't figure out them on the download page.

I have bought the AYANEO 2S in July 2023. I received it in August 2023. I have begun use it in begining september.
I have a problem since yesterday. I was updating the BIOS from an update downloaded from your website. Since the update, I have a dark screen when I power on the AYANEO 2S system.
When I put the power on, the fan runs and stays running. The lights of the controler goes on. But the screen always stays dark. Nothing on the screen.
I tried the process to reinstall the system as it was in factory, using the process described in ayaneo.com, but the process doesn’t work.

Could you please help me.
Tell me how to repair the Ayaneo 2S.
Do you have a process to follow? Is there a handheld console repair desk in my town (Grasse, France) that I could contact ?

Thank you for your quick answer.

Best regards ,