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AYASpace Play With Applet [Smart TDP]

AYASpace Small Applet [Smart TDP] Description.


Prerequisite for use:Need to download [RTSS] software by yourself


[Smart Power] is a small integrated application that supports quick debugging, frame rate locking, CPU limiting and many other functions on AYANEO handhelds;


The next step is to teach you how to use this small application.


Step 1: In AYASpace - Assistant, Download the [Smart TDP] Small Applet.




Step 2: After downloading, we press the [Y] key to enter the management interface of the [Smart TDP] small application.



Step 3: we will set the frame rate to show 60 fps and click [Launch] and open the game you want to play via AYASpace and find that it has taken effect.




Now open [Smart TDP] and not open [Smart TDP] comparison chart placed below.

Gamers can look at the following.


  • Figure 1 is turned on [Smart TDP];
  • Figure 2 is not turned on [Smart TDP];


  • Figure 1: Resolution 2560 * 1440; 59 FPS; TDP = 12.6 W.
  • Figure 2: Resolution 2560 * 1440; 60 FPS; TDP = 26.7 W.


Figure 1:



Figure 2:



Ending:This [Smart TDP] using the functional process has been explained!



  1. Be sure to set [TDP] to the highest in AYASpace.
  2. Must open the game through AYASpace.
  3. When you stop using [Smart TDP], you must go through Windows [Sleep、Reboot] to restore the chip's control over the GPU.



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