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AYASpace Play With Applet【Agile Mouse】

AYASpace Small Applet [Agile Mouse] Description


[Agile Mouse] is an application that supports customizable buttons on AYANEO handhelds.


The next step is to show you how to use this little application.


How to use [Agile Mouse].


Step 1: Update AYASpace to the latest version, and then click the game assistant in the AYASpace interface.



Step 2: Click on [Agile Mouse] to download.




Step 3: Press the [Y] key to enter the management interface of [Agile Mouse] for personalization.



Function explanation.


  • [Go Forward]: can be used in web pages, or folders, etc. forward and backward steps.
  • [Go Back]: steps that can be used to move forward and backward on web pages, or folders, etc.
  • [Scrolling Speed]: the speed of going up and down on a web page or query folder.
  • [Move Speed]:Remote control of the mouse movement speed.
  • [Acceleration]: the incremental value of acceleration when using [Acceleration Method] for remote control mouse.
  • [Acceleration mode]: customizable settings through personalized acceleration settings.



  • Add Emoticons

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