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AYANEO 2 BIOS Flash method

1. Note on brushing [ Must read! ]:


  1. When the BIOS is flashed, it needs to be plugged in and disconnected in the middle of the session, resulting in a black screen and no boot.
  2. Make sure that the USB stick is stable and does not come loose during the BIOS flushing process, as interruptions in the middle of the process may result in a black screen and no boot-up.
  3. Brushing is risky, please proceed with caution.


2.Brush preparation prerequisite.


①.Prepare a USB flash drive in FAT32 format. And put the upgrade file into. (U disk format conversion method at the end)



②.Click on Download on the official AYANEO website and select the【AYANEO 2 BIOS Package】to download.


Link to download page:》》》https://ayaneo.com/support/download《《《



③.After downloading, unzip the [AYANEO 2 BIOS Package], double click on the [AYANEO 2 BIOS Package] folder and drag the files inside into the USB stick.


3.Start Brushing


①.Press the Power button and press VOL+ (Volume +) and LC (left shoulder key) at the same time or use the keyboard and press F7 to access the menu.


BIOS interface operation tutorial:》》》Help Link《《《



②.Select [Enter Setup] to enter the BIOS interface



③.Select [Select Image File] under [Firmware Update] in the upper menu bar.




④.Select your USB drive and files.




⑤.After selecting, the file path will appear after [Image file], press [Update Image] to start the upgrade.



⑥.The Upgrade process appears and waits for completion.



⑦.When this screen appears, the upgrade is complete, press any key to restart.



⑧.Shutdown and enter the BIOS screen to check if the version is updated correctly.



4.U Disk format conversion


①.Right click on the USB drive and select Format (Note: this operation will delete all files in the USB drive)





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It's a gaming device so this should be the better option. There's no way to change that currently in BIOS... :(

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