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Official website game community posting rules must see!

Dear AYANEO friends, to maintain the order of the community and ensure the development of the community, the development of the AYANEO game community forum is now announcing the community content direction and management system:


Posting direction:

1: In the AYANEO game community, players can send out their favorite games, evaluate games, opinions, and insights (unlimited ways)

2: In the community, when players use AYANEO products, if they find problems such as stuttering and frame dropping, they can post in time, and manage fixed-point inspections to check and upgrade.

3: In the community, old players can also share their experience and skills of using AYANEO products with new AYANEO users

4: If in the AYANEO game community post, the person who made a major suggestion is adopted by the official, you will receive a beautiful gift from the official


Management System:

1. Posts that violate relevant national laws and community rules (including posts that undermine public security and some posts that the community identifies as involving sensitive content).

2. Posts with no substantive content (including watering and advertising posts).

3. Duplicate posts, keep the first post and delete the rest.

4. Posts that use inflammatory language to deliberately exaggerate facts, mislead netizens, and provoke disputes.

5. Posts about politics, serious extremes related to national leaders, and posts that affect the stability of the forum and cause social panic, etc.;

6. Account: Registered account to use the illegal, indecent, or improper account.

7. Use posts to maliciously slander, abuse, intimidate, hurt, and carry out insults, abuses, and personal attacks.

8. Any commercial advertisement with false information, including advertisements in various forms such as signatures, stickers, watermarks, ID names, etc., will be deleted if found.

9. Travel commercial advertising posts, and real posts from all walks of life cannot be duplicated. For posts and replies that violate the above rules, the bar owner has the right to modify and delete them. In principle, no additional explanation is required. The moderator has the right to not notify In the case of the person who posted the post, delete and seal the post with the right to speak ID. If you have any questions, you can send a message to the Tieba administrator for consultation. For postings with illegal content, netizens can directly report to the administrator, thank you for your support


Note: The official will not ask you for account information in any form or method, please pay attention to protect the security of your account and be careful not to be fooled.



December 7, 2021


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AyaSpace is a mess, having had the 2s for a couple of month now, I’m finding that when AyaSpace in running in background, and i’m trying to play a game, the function keys in the game are inputting within the AyaSpace app. Totally ruins games, and often than not, the Ayaspace page opens up when you mid game. Please sort this out. Only way to resolve it is by closing AyaSpace app altogether, but then the functions don’t work for closing a game, when you press the AyaSpace button.